Ask Obama To Intercede To Stop Rampant Corruption In California’s Judicial Branch At Its Helm


This blog is still under construction and ew dno’t tpye wlel. But we know massive colluding to defraud when we see it. This blog is
 about a bunch of well connected and ethically challenged judiciary in California unlawfully practicing politics from the bench, favorably to the interest of the affiliates of the US Chamber of Commerce and adverse to public health.


They actually think they are so far above the law, they have the audacity to take it so far that they would incarcerate an honest US citizen to conceal their misdeeds from coming to public light – scheduled date of incarceration is currently March 2, 2012. Please click on the links in the black section above for more (incomplete) detail.

On March 1, 2012, the California Commission on Judicial Performance will be requested to investigate the chairwoman of their committee, Justice Judith McConnell, for colluding with other Calfornia judiciary to defraud the US public by being willing participants in seven years worth of malicious, Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation “SLAPP”.


If you would like to help encourage the California Commission on Judicial Performance (which does not have a stellar reputation of investigating well connected judiciary), please read the following and endorse the need for investigation at the link “Request for Investigation”.


In the meantime, because of the US Department of Justice’s involvment in the fiasco, please send President Obama an email. Its easy. Just cut and paste the below into the “Contact the Whitehouse” link provided below.

It doesn’t take a lot of money to cause change.  It takes a lot of people standing up for the TRUTH!

Thank you for your help!

Sharon Kramer & Crystal Stuckey

ASK OBAMA TO INTERCEDE!!!Statement by President Obama

If YOU would like to HELP US get the attention of the President of the United States regarding an honest US citizen being sent to jail for refusing to be silenced of:

i.) the California courts framing her for libel for the words, “altered his under oath statements”, to make her truthful words over a fraud in US public health policy appear to be false; and

ii.) the gagging of the citizen from be able to write of what the California courts have done and continue to do to try to conceal their misdeeds from coming to public light; and

iii.) are now threatening to incarcerate the US citizen for refusing to be silenced of the courts framing her for libel, gagging her from writing of it and the continued adverse impact on the public because of the courts’ unethical and unlawful behavior; then

iv.) PLEASE CUT & PASTE the below message and email it to President Barack Obama.  Let us know in the comment section below if and when you have sent the message.


Subject: Civil Rights

Text To Cut & Paste:

     “Mrs. Sharon Noonan Kramer has gone above and beyond to help those who have been harmed by the mishandling of the mold issue in the United States. Many have been unable to obtain medical help or fair treatment in US courts because of the mass marketing of  misinformation over this issue by the “US Chamber” of Commerce and affiliates.  In 2003, the US Chamber claimed that a “panel of scientists” were able to prove that all claims of illness and death from “Toxic Mold” were only being made because of “trial lawyers, media, and Junk Science”.

     Mrs. Kramer was the catalyst for a 2008 Federal GAO Report over the mold issue that was requested by the late Senator Edward Kennedy. This report has helped thousands because it federally establishes that serious illnesses from exposure to biological contaminants (mold, etc) in water damaged buildings are indeed plausibly occurring.

    Instead of being rewarded, Mrs. Kramer is near bankrupted and is facing jail time in the State of California.  Six justices of the Fourth District Division One Appellate Court in San Diego, crafted Appellate opinions to make her March 2005 writing – exposing how it became a false concept in public health policy that it was scienfitically proven moldy buildings do not harm –appear to be a false accusation that a co-author of the fraud in policy, Bruce Kelman of VeriTox, Inc., lied when testifying in an Oregon trial about being paid by a think-tank to author a mold position paper for the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, “ACOEM”.

    Mrs. Kramer’s writing, for which the courts framed her for libel, did not accuse Mr. Kelman of lying about his company, Veritox, (formerly known as GlobalTox) being paid by the think-tank to author a mold position statement for ACOEM. Her writing accurately states that Veritox was paid by the think-tank to author the mold position statement for the US Chamber.  The mold position statement he and co-owner of Veritox, Bryan Hardin, co-authored for ACOEM was a “version of the Manhattan Institute commisssioned piece” they were paid to write for the US Chamber.

    We urge you to take swift action to help keep an honest US citizen from being incarcerated for telling the truth of a fraud in public health policy that harms thousands of US citizens and has been aided to continue by California judiciary framing a US citizen for libel and now threatening to incarcerate her to conceal their misdeeds.

     Please direct the United Stated Department of Justice to intercede to stop the California courts from incarcerating an honest US citizen for exposing a fraud in public health policy aided to continue by the unethical and unlawful conduct of leading California judiciary. For more information, please see the web site “ContemptOfCourtFor.ME”. Short link:


(There is a 2500 character limit, so not much room left to add additional comment. If you go to the link and fill in your story or any comment there, you will be telling the President not only our story, but YOURS because the suggested email to him links to that page)

 Recently missing and deceased whistle blowers in the USA.


      PLEASE!!!  Because of the magnitude of the fraud and the leading positions within California’s judicial branch of the judiciary involved, we are a bit concerned for Mrs. Kramer’s safety should she be taken into custody. From the Transcript of the Contempt of Court hearing on January 6, 2012, it is apparent their intent is to try to have Mrs. Kramer deemed mentally incompetent for refusing silence of the courts aiding to defraud the public by being willing participants in malicious Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation for now seven years. 

     Mrs. Kramer is quite competent and knows what she is talking about as do many others. She appeared by affidavit for the Contempt of Court hearing because of her fear of the court for her physical safety. The court is suppressing the uncontrovered  evidence in the case record that well connected justices framed Mrs. Kramer for libel w/actual malice & suppressing the evidence that Mr. Kelman committed perjury to establish a false reason for malice, while knowing they were aiding a scientific fraud to continue in US public health policy and in US courts to the benefit of the affiliates of the US Chamber of Commerce.  The sentencing date is Friday, March 2, 2012.

Unclean Hands~US DOJ et. al????


Reading not for the faint of heart:

TRUTH OUT Sharon Kramer Letter To Adrew Saxon Mold Issue, April 2010

Garbage Toxicology In US Mold Litigations

CONTACT THE WHITE HOUSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!(link)

Thank you!!

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3 thoughts on “Ask Obama To Intercede To Stop Rampant Corruption In California’s Judicial Branch At Its Helm

  1. As we all know and is an undeniable truth that the “massive demonstrations in the streets on greater scale that of occupy oakland protest” may lead into more destruction and suffering”. That is what I am tryng to avoid and convey to the President and his Administration. Our President does have the power to restore law and order to those in our government that defies it.

    Otherwise public revolt may advance to an unabated VIOLENCE that this Country has never seen. The Public at large ARE so divided between the 1% & 99%, and are OUTRAGED at the rampage disregard for our LAWs by our government at the cost of misplacing their loyalty from the people to those who rule our powerful corporate interest. When our government pit the people against each-other and use it as an excuse at any cost to capitalize on the disorder in order to distract the crimes committed within our government and their corporate cohort to abort any LAW designed for the good of the public and their interest, in order to protect them from their part in the collapse of our Nation are plainly immoral and self-serving.

    I am simply calling for a plea to the President and listen to the suffering public before it becomes ugly and people take the LAW in their own hands that is eminently the only OPTION they have left when our leaders does not LISTEN.

  2. Dear President Obama.

    I would like to make a brief plea in the issue of Civil Rights and corruptions that is spreading like cancer in our Government in California. Our last hope in this three branch of government which is the Judicial System has been apparently corrupted. The subject is being blocked-out of the media and are being replaced by less newsworthy stories. This kinds of public censorship is not good for our democracy nor does it strengthen our Constitution, when justices in California fail to defend it; but does make amendment such as a law (SBX211)that was passed by the legislatures and signed into law former governor A.Scharzenegger. The law is unconstitutional due to the fact that it was done without the public’s knowlege and vote. The Law serves only to protect the corrupt judges. elected officials, and government administrators from being held accountable for its’ wrongful acts, retroactively. This came up as news broke arising from Superior Judge Yaffe and his cohort that was allege by a former U.S Prosecutor Richard I fine. Dr. Fine has been placed in prison in Los Angeles County for 18 months as a result from exposing corruption in California’s Judicial System.

    Had I not experienced the corruption in our State Agency and Justice System, as described by Dr. Fine, I may not have believed this was actually happening here in California.

    It is virtually most challenging for HONEST citizens to come forward and hold these enemy that is working from the inside of our state that has infected our government and virtually causing the collapse of our government and economy and virtually harming a large mass of our Citizens in order to cover up the crimes of a very few powerful people whom we elected to safeguard our treasury and to protect the interest of our people and our States’ system of Democracy. It is “Crutial” that you encourage the US Attorney General to conduct an immediate investigation in the cases of Dr. Richard I. Fine v. State of California and case of XYZZXSJ02 v State of California, DWC, WCAB, It is critical that WE restore the confidence and trust back to our Judicial System or risk our state from continuing living in a lawless State and at the deception that Democracy exist when it isn’t. Our Civil Rights that our forefather has fought for and the sacrifice of our soldiers and honest patriotic citizens are being torn apart at the guise of our Justice System that has been tainted.

  3. Asking Obama or his Administration to look into judicial corruption anywhere in California is like asking the Chief Justice of California to do it. I.e., it’s like asking the chef if the food is good. Worse actually. I’m sorry, but the CJP cannot be stopped without massive demonstrations in the streets on a scale far greater than Occupy Oakland. In other words, it ain’t gonna happen. The apathy of the lemmings that live in this State won’t get it there. But miracles sometimes happen.

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