Brief Stay Of Incarceration ~ For Speaking The Truth Of CA Courts Colluding With US Chamber Of Commerce,

Justice Judith McConnell is the Chair of the CA Commission on Judicial Performance. She was also the author of the 2006 anti-SLAPP Appellate Opinion in Kelman & Globaltox v. Kramer. The opinion was crafted to the false finding of libel. She made the writing in question appear to make a false accusation that it did not make. All courts followed suit.

To Defraud The Public Over The Mold Issue

Today, March 2, 2012, was to be the sentencing date for Sharon Kramer to be incarcerated for Civil Contempt of Court in the North San Diego County Superior Court, Department 30, Judge Thomas Nugent presiding. Kelman v. Kramer Case No 37-2010-00061530-CF-DU-NC.  

Yesterday, March 1, 2012, Judge Nugent held an ExParte hearing in which today’s scheduled incarceration of an honest  US citizen to conceal judicial misconduct defrauding the public, was moved to March 9th.  Mrs. Kramer appeared telephonically as did Mr. Kelman’s attorney, Mr. Keith Scheuer.   It went something like this:

Judge Nugent stated he was postponing the hearing and that we were not here to discuss the merits of the case.   Then he went into that Mrs. Kramer could avoid incarceration (for placing the direct evidence on the INTERNET that he himself is ethically challenged and is suppressing the evidence of misconduct by other judiciary), if she would sign an apology that was crafted by Mr. Scheuer.

They want Mrs. Kramer to apologize for being framed for libel by the courts over a writing impacting public health. The deceptively CRAFTED APOLOGY makes it appear she is apologizing for exposing that Mr. Kelman’s expert witness opinion is the selling of GARBAGE SCIENCE in US courts over the mold issue. They want Mrs. Kramer to sign a piece of paper that infers she thinks she is wrong about the scientific fraud of Mr. Kelman et. al., aiding by the courts crafting of opinions & the resultant harming the lives of thousands – or go to jail.  

Mr. Scheuer stated at the ExParte hearing that Mrs. Kramer has not only not stopped republishing the defamation (aka, of how Mrs. Kramer has been harmed and defamed by the courts by being framed for libel, gagged from writing of it, and is now facing incarceration), but that she is “doubling down”.

Mrs. Kramer stated that she did not appreciate having a new $19,000 LIEN on her property on top of the $7000 one that has interest accruing from three weeks before Mr. Kelman’s costs were even submitted by Mr. Scheuer.  (see December 2011 COMPLAINT to Ca State Bar, that they did not even acknowledge in writing that they received regarding Mr. Scheuer’s commingling of client funds and placing a fraudulent lien.  Ms. Jill Sperber of the State Bar stated to Mrs. Kramer in January 2012, that the Bar did not have to acknowledge the the December 2011 complaint – let alone do anything about it). 

Mrs. Kramer stated at the ExParte hearing yesterday, that Mr. Scheuer was absolutely correct she was “doubling down” and that the judge – and everyone else who was in the packed courtroom yesterday – could read about  it at the new web site, ContemptOfCourtFor.ME .  She repeated it slowly, “that is Contempt of Court For dot Me”.  

Mrs Kramer stated, “Your Honor, you are suppressing the evidence that McConnell framed me for libel over a writing impacting public health.  You are conspiring to defraud the public on behalf of the US Chamber of Commerce.  You can lock me up if you want, but I am not shutting up.  Again the web site is Contempt of Court  For Dot Me.  So I’ll see ya on the 9th, Your Honor.  Good bye.” and she hung up the phone.

The action that Mrs. Kramer took which  caused the contempt charge by Mr. Kelman, was that she place the direct evidence on the INTERNET, September 13, 2011, that the Fourth District Division One Appellate Court justices of Judith McConnell, Cynthia Aaron, Alex MacDonald in 2006; and Patricia Benke, Richard Huffman and Joan Irrion in 2010;  framed Mrs. Kramer for libel over the first public writing (2005) of how it became a false concept in US public health policy that it was scientifically proven moldy buildings do not harm. 

In May of 2011, Judge Nugent gagged Mrs. Kramer from being able to write of the judicial misconduct in the libel case by enjoining her from writing the words for which the prior courts had framed her for libel, “altered his under oath statements.”

On September 13, 2011 and within the post for which she is to be incarcerated, Mrs. Kramer also placed the direct evidence on the Internet that their Clerk of the Appellate Court, STEPHEN KELLY, (see pdf page 13) falsified the case records under seal of the State of California. Additionally, in the same post, that the Chief Justice of California, Tani Cantil-Sayauke, was provided the direct evidence that her inner circle has been conspiring to defraud the public over the mold issue by being willing participants in malicious Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation, carried out by criminal means.

In their Appellate opinions of 2006 and 2010, the justices made Mrs. Kramer’s writing appear that she had accused Mr. Kelman of lying on a witness stand in Oregon about being paid by a think-tank to make edits to the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM) mold position statement of 2002. 

Mrs. Kramer’s writing of in question speaks for itself.  It accurately states Mr. Kelman’s company, Veritox (formerly known as GlobalTox), was paid by a think-tank to author a mold position statement for the US Chamber of Commerce in 2003.  Titled “A Scientific View of the Health Effects of Mold”  Mr. Kelman and his business partner, Mr. Bryan Hardin, claimed within the paper that they were paid by a think tank to author for the US Chamber, that they had scientifically proven all claims of illness and death from “Toxic Mold” were only being made because of “trial lawyers, media, and Junk Science”.  

What they really have been trying to silence Mrs. Kramer of for seven years (besides the judicial misconduct), is that the US Chamber’s mold statement is a lay translation of the purportedly scientific and unbiased ACOEM mold statement that was co-authored by Mr. Kelman and Mr. Hardin of Veritox.  Terms like “trial lawyers, media and Junk Science” are hardly scientific or unbiased.  Both paper are nothing more than a  litigation defense argument (aka insurer fraud) legitimized by being mass marketed into policy and to the courts on behalf of the interests of industry by a medical association of dubious distinction, a think-tank and the worlds biggest industry lobbiest, the US Chamber of Commerce. 

For greater detail of how the appellate justices framed Mrs. Kramer for libel in 2006 over a writing impacting public health and then in 2010, concealed what they had done in 2006 – with Judge Nugent then gagging Mrs. Kramer’s ability to write of the colluding judicial misconduct in 2011; click on the picture of Justice Judith McConnell.  Justice McConnell  is the Chairwoman of the California Commission on Judicial Performance (CJP). 

CJP is the purportedly independent state agency that is mandated to police ethics violations in California’s judicial branch.   Not a stellar track record of removing the notorious cronyism from California’s judicial system; they seem to think it is only their mandate to police ethics violations of judiciary who are not in the inner circle of California’s judicial branch – where ethics violations are evidenced to be rampant on many levels, including the misappropriation of judicial branch funds. (there is $350 million missing from the court construction funds).

Thank you to those of you who endorsed the request that the Commission on Judicial Performance follow their mandate and investigate their Chairwoman for conspiring with other judiciary to defraud the public over the mold issue.  It is easily into the billions in fraud.

Public outrage and sunlight is the only thing that will make the CJP follow their mandate; and keep Mrs. Kramer from being incarcerated for speaking the truth of not only a massive  fraud in public health policy and US courts over the mold issue – but of leading California judiciary making a mockery of justice and the Constitution.

Thank you!

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4 thoughts on “Brief Stay Of Incarceration ~ For Speaking The Truth Of CA Courts Colluding With US Chamber Of Commerce,

  1. It is a difficult case to swallow… hard to believe that an innocent woman could be framed for something she did not do and put in jail for speaking nothing but the truth. I still have trouble realizing how corrupt our judicial system and the corporations that control the judges really are.

    Sad, that it has come down to putting an innocent woman in jail rather than admitting that many of today’s sicknesses MAY be caused by mold.

    My family was devastated by mold… we were made homeless by the toxic mold that hid behind the walls. The papers that the courts use to state that mold cannot cause illnesses are being used to defraud the public. Ultimately, lying about the dangers of mold in our courts and in our medical schools is killing a lot of people.

    The greed of the few is killing the masses.

  2. The fact that such injustice is knowingly taking place is outrageous! To put a price on people’s lives is shameful! The amount of corruption and colluding going on is insane! And all this while people are suffering and dying from the toxic affects of toxic mold expsoure caused by water damaged buildings. This is NOT “junk science”; it’s science that has been well documented and proven since biblical times! Toxic mold (mycotoxins) can and does make people sick!

  3. Being exposed to a sick building was bad enough. The treating physician did not know what he was doing and caused my heart attack by misdiagnosis and over medicating me. I now have three stents ( which contain chemo therapy ) when there was no coronary artery disease, my LAD is 60% dysfunctional, I have systolic and diastolic heart dysfunction which entitles me to permanent disability and I am still very compromised from the mold/biotoxin illness/ME. And Dr. Kelman says that mold isn’t harmful. Not only is it harmful, it is even more harmful when treating physicians do not have a clue or understand the potential harm that they can cause. Dr. Kelman may have been an expert witness for the tobacco industry and got away with his erronerous expertise, but we need to stop him in his tracks if he does the same to the mold/biotixn issue. I am a living example of the great harm that can be caused.

  4. I don’t think the people that are sick all over the country think being sick from water damage/indoor mold is junk Science. How sad that families and children became ill from water damage/indoor mold and continue to be discriminated against because of all of this mess. People and judges in court houses, police stations, firehouses, apartments, homes, schools, military housing etc. I am sure don’t believe this has to do with lawyers, junk Science, or whatever is being stated.

    This situation has caused so much hardship and trauma knowing our illness is the center of a squabble about words. We are talking about lives and getting healthcare. I never even heard of this illness 14 years ago when I became ill. I certainly don’t think I made up this illness, my health records with polyps, all sinuses infected, sinus surgery, asthma, reactive airways disease, severe uticaria, chronic candida, etc. is from eating moldy food or junk Science.

    I think there should be lawsuits for all this trauma all these years for the lack of concern because of politics or insurance companies or whatever seems to be the problem. It is time to stop this and give out the proper information so that people are treated with respect and get some help. This will never go away whether you put Ms Kramer in jail or not.

    People will continue to get sick and it will take a major toll on the social services who seem to be the only agencies where few people are getting anything because of financial ruin and not being able to continue on with their lives when they can’t work or pay bills, get medical help, etc. I cannot believe this is all possible in the United States of America. We have rights as human beings not to be discriminated against because we have this illness. Linda Delp

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