To The California Commission On Judicial Performance ~ Investigate For Unlawful Judicial Misconduct Defrauding US Public

This request for investigation is endorsed by over 100 people. Comments follow request.

This is not the first time the CJP has been requested to investigate Justice McConnell & Co over this matter. Claiming they could not intercede, they let the matter fester to the point that her victim is facing incarceration for refusing silence of the unlawful judicial misdeeds harming the lives of thousands.

“The two pieces of evidence the judiciary involved need to provide to show they did not unlawfully frame a whistle blower for libel with actual malice are:

1. the direct evidence that Mrs. Kramer was ever impeached as to the subjective belief in her words “altered his under oath statements” were referring to Mr. Kelman  attempting to say that the US Chamber mold statement was not connected to ACOEM mold statement, while also having to admit they were closely connected.

2. the direct evidence corroborating Mr. Kelman’s and his attorney, Mr. Scheuer’s, stated reason why Mrs. Kramer harbored personal malice for Mr. Kelman, was not perjury to establish a false theme for malice.”

Request For Investigation

     We, the undersigned are urging the Commission to investigate the judicial conduct in two related cases. If found guilty of conspiring to defraud the public by aiding with malicious Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation by unlawful means; please discipline your Chairwoman Justice Judith McConnell, along with five additional Fourth District Division One Appellate Court Justices and several Superior Court judges. They have been involved in the cases of Kelman & Globaltox v. Kramer Case No. GIN044539 and Kelman v. Kramer Case No. 37-2010-00061530 in the San Diego County Courts for now seven years.

     For the past eight years, Mrs. Sharon Noonan Kramer has been a leading voice that has helped to reshape US public health policy with regard to illnesses caused by water damaged buildings. Her efforts have helped hundreds if not thousands of US citizens to be able to receive medical treatment and restitution for injuries caused by the buildings, by raising awareness of the potential for serious illness.

     Her primary contribution to the issue has been to cause a Federal Government Accountability Office Report in 2008. This report dispelled the scientific myth mass marketed to the courts and to physicians by the US Chamber of Commerce and affiliates, that it had been scientifically proven all claims of illness and death from “Toxic Mold” were only being made because of “Trial Lawyers, Media and Junk Science”. 

     Mrs. Kramer contends that the Fourth District Division One Appellate Court justices along with several lower court judges framed her for libel with actual malice in a litigation brought against her in 2005, by the authors of the US Chamber of Commerce’s mold position statement, Bruce J. Kelman and the corporation of which he is President, Veritox, Inc. (formerly known as GlobalTox, Inc.)

     She contends that in a second litigation brought against her by Mr. Kelman, the court precluded her from writing of what the prior courts did to frame a whistle blower for libel as they suppressed the evidence the plaintiff committed perjury to establish a false theme for malice. They did this by enjoining her in the second case, from writing the exact words for which she contends she was framed by the courts in the first case, “altered his under oath statements”. 

     Mrs. Kramer contends this is for the purpose of the judiciary involved to try to stop their collective and unlawful misdeeds from coming to public light. Misdeeds that permitted false science to remain in US policy and US courts far longer than it should have, with it still able to be used to sell doubt of causation in the courts and with many US physicians still being misinformed. 

     According to Mrs. Kramer, the judiciary involved tried to shoot the messenger and are now trying to bury the bullets – costing Mrs. Kramer all she owns to defend the truth of her words for the public good with lives still being devastated because of their unethical conduct.

     Mrs. Kramer sent a letter to the Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court in September of 2011 seeking help to stop the six years worth of harassment by the courts. She had to use the words that were the sole cause of action and for which she was framed in the first case and gagged by court order in the second, “altered his under oath statements”, to explain what occurred and the continued adverse impact from the judicial unethical and unlawful behavior. 

     Instead of help from the Chief Justice, Mrs. Kramer contends she received a Contempt of Court judgment, over $19,000 in sanctions & attorney fees and a sentence of five days in jail, scheduled to commence on March 9, 2012…..READ MORE


     The evidence is UNDENIABLE.  Several judiciary in San Diego, California have been willfully and unlawfully participating in two malicious, Strategic Litigations Against Public Participation “SLAPP”; and are now threatening their victim with incarceration to keep their collective misconduct that has harmed the lives of thousands from coming to public light.

     The details of “Speak With One Voice” gone awry by the leaders of California’s judicial branch will be mailed to the Commission on Monday, March 5th along with the names and comments of those who support this need for investigation of Justices McConnell, Huffman & Co. for colluding to defraud the public.

     If you would like to leave a comment, feel free to do so at the bottom of this post. We will only mail those that we can confirm are using their real names. Comments received by some of those urging this investigation of Justice McConnell et. al., for collusion to defraud the public:

  • Stop the corruption. Judges are not above the law.
  • I have followed Sharon Kramer’s efforts to spread the knowledge of the dangers of toxic mold, for many years. She is a totally honest woman.
  • “Telling the truth” is not a crime.
  • When the government fails us, it falls upon citizens of good conscience to protect the public good.
  • Whistle blowing is not a crime.
  • An investigation into this entire matter is an appropriate and responsible thing to do.
  • I have been following this case for six years. Please understand that this is being scrutinized by a much wider audience than just the legal profession, as outcomes here have broad implications for both civil rights and public health.
  • This has gone on far to long while people continue to suffer from water damage/indoor mold. Why lives are not important to the court is very sad and unjustice. I thought this was the United States of America.
  • corruption sucks!
  • Sharon Kramer has only spoken the truth. There is no libel or malice in her statements. Mold can cause serious illness and the papers she speaks out against should be banned from courts as they are false science.
  • By catering to corporate whores and protecting their false statements the judicial system is bankrupting the United States to pay for the tremendous flood of costs for chronic illnesses resulting from false information where mold, lyme disease and other toxic environmental entities are allowed to exist and destroy peoples lives if they interfere with corporate profits.
  • Free Sharon Kramer! The courts should not be allowed to throw their weight around like this I also am dealing with judicial fraud. All lawyers in town are afraid to take my case because they all say this judge will not let me get anything at all. So I am pro per fighting a judge who won’t even let me get my exes current ownership value of his companies in a child support case, ludicrous. Any suggestions?
  • What the California courts, the ACOEM and the US Chamber have done is such an injustice to, not only Sharon Kramer, but to all those, like myself, who have been harmed by toxic mold exposure. Something needs to be done so people can stop dying from the lack of information and misinformation being spread by the ACOEM’s position paper.
  • If speaking the truth is wrong then I don’t want to be right! I am 1 of THOUSANDS of mold illness victims who suffered unnecessary extensive permanent injuries due to prolonged toxic mold exposure. Injuries otherwise preventable if not for irresponsible & misleading statements made by Bruce Kelman & GlobalTox aka Veritox. Due to these statements, which Sharon Kramer fought to bring to light, victims injured by toxic exposure are prevented from receiving proper medical care, as Kelman’s statements prevent medical professionals from being properly informed.
  • I support the investigation of judicial conduct in the two cases defined at the beginning of this petition.
  • Please note that I am a Dr’s wife. Fully Healthy until Black mold from Hurricane Frances and Jeanie and Wilma got into my business. I am now on 15 meds a day on order to breathe. I have tried so many things. I have a business but must pay someone else to run it as if I come in contact with any form of fragrance that my asthma is so severe then my throat closes up. Please help people like myself whom have become disabled because of the mold in our businesses and homes.
  • The charges against Mrs. Kramer are an abomination of justice. As a nurse, I have seen firsthand patients who have become ill due to mold exposure in their living environment. The misinformation propagated by Mr. Kelman has the potential to deny rightful compensation to thousands of people. Please do the right thing and investigate the claims against Mrs. Kramer.
  • Whistle blowing is a courageous and honorable activity. It should not be discouraged in such a reprehensible fashion! PLEASE DO THE RIGHT THING!
  • The people must be heard. It is our right to free speech. This case must be investigated and brought to justice. I completely support this cause and will be following it carefully. We expect to see justice served.
  • Freedom of Speech!
  • Sharon Kramer has been working tirelessly on behalf of thousands of us who have been afflicted by mycotoxin poison for many years. To have had life altering changes and then to deal with this threat for telling the truth is horrendous! Be assured that this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to corporate and governmental injustice, greed, and lies based on denying compensation for being knowingly poisoned.
  • Please investigate and seek justice for Miss Kramer and the people of the United States. Truths need to be exposed, whistle blowing is in place to protect the innocent, and let their voice be heard. No one man, corporation, government, or judicial branch is above the law. The people have the right to question, the right to defend what is wrong, and the right to be heard without prejudice. These judicial leaders need to be held accountable for their actions. Do the right thing.
  • SHAME!
  • This matter has had a chilling effect on freedom of speech, dissemination of appropriate health care information and clinical treatment for mold and other IAQ illnesses to the public and the clinicians, and health care advocates not to mention any brave and ethical legal professionals.
  • Sharon Kramer has worked tirelessly to bring transparency to this issue and the processes by which this farcical crime is perpetrated in this and other similar matters. Please investigate the judicial conduct of the above and bring justice to all concerned.
  • Americans recognize cancer, heart disease, & diabetes as serious health issues yet when a person is disabled from mold poisoning they are not recognized even when it has been proven they are sick. The 75% of the population need to stand up and realize 25% of the population do not have the immunity against mold poisons (toxic mold). These people lose their homes, jobs, health, & etc from this illness. Trying to pull the wool over eyes of science-savvy citizens, medical physicians, health care workers, patients, science students, doctoral students, university and college science professors, well respected and published scientific researchers, professional science writers, professional environmental scientists and educators (etc) just won’t happen in this century. I can’t believe any one, much less a judge, would so attempt to thwart the truth about real science which is also common sense.
  • The place I worked, got their environmental health people to cover up the mold in the buildings I worked in, so I can relate to how this could happen on a much larger scale such as in Sharon’s case. I wish Sharon lots of luck and thank her for her crusade for justice.
  • If speaking the truth lands you in jail – that is a tragedy, a true injustice. We need more people like Sharon. To throw her in jail is a crying shame!
  • I suffer from a toxic injury, one of the many symptoms is cognitive impairment. I do not fully understand all of the legal jargon but it does not take a rocket scientist to see that something isn’t right. Please stand for what is right. Please show integrity, ethics, morals, decency, honestly, openness and vulnerability. Let Sharon go and end this nightmare. Put all the noise and monies into getting the truth and dangers about mold into every doctors hands asap. ty.
  • Sharon Kramer has my support 200%!!
  • There should be prosecution of those covering up the criminal conspiracy to limit the liability of ACOEM, the chemical industry and the people who are injuring millions of American workers and communities for big profits. I and my family have had a number of mold exposures. I have found the dominant paradigm in court, in lawyers’ offices, and even among mold testers, is that mold doesn’t hurt anyone much. Mrs. Kramer has proved that paradigm is based on fraud. It is surely misconduct for the California bench to sanction HER instead of the perpetrators of the fraud. I believe Justice is for all, no only for peoples with money or family or friend of lawyers and Judges in our Judicial system, this epidemic problem is not only in California is in all USA, were the Civil Right the constitution of this country offer to every American
  • It is time for judges to serve the interests of real citizens & not their own interests to their corporate friends from which they reap millions of dollars of profit. In workers comp alone/civil cases, judges COMMIT outright malicious bias pro corporations & THEN they call the claimants nuts & sluts. How about a MMPI before becoming a judge to see if you are really qualified & performers for corporate pillaging & plundering. How about the tax fraud 1.9 Billion for computers that don’t work?????
  • Ms. Kramer’s case centers on her speaking out on a vital PUBLIC issue. Under the U. S. Supreme Court legal doctrine — which states that debate on public issues should be wide open, robust, and uninhibited — she should not be officially punished for her activism.
  • Where’s the freedom in speech if one gets thrown in jail???
  • GlobalTox and some of its administrative executives were also very influential in the scientific attempt to discredit the carcinogenic properties of tobacco and tobacco bio chemicals on serious human health conditions. It does not matter at all what the court decides regarding “words,” microfungi kills. I support Sharon Kramer in her efforts.
  • The highest courage is to dare to be yourself in the face of adversity. Choosing right over wrong, ethics over convenience, and truth over popularity… These are the choices that measure your life. Travel the path of integrity without looking back, for there is never a wrong time to do the right thing.~Robert Lemon
  • I hope this works to stop McConnell and Huffman from harming anyone else.


RETURN to Home Page & please sign up to follow this blog so we can easily keep you posted.  If they know people are watching they may finally investigate Justices Huffman and McConnell, for judicial misconduct. We are not the first to file a complaint.  Let’s hope we are the last who need to do so!


6 thoughts on “To The California Commission On Judicial Performance ~ Investigate For Unlawful Judicial Misconduct Defrauding US Public

  1. 1692 Salem Witchcraft Trials

    I will not plead
    If I deny, I am condemned already,
    In courts where ghosts appear as witnesses
    And swear men’s lives away. If I confess,
    Then I confess a lie, to buy a life,
    Which is not life, but only death in life.
    –William Wadsworth Longfellow

  2. I join the above in calling for an investigation of the California court system. I too have been targeted and victimized from several angles by California’s corrupt judiciary for exercise my rights. It is well known and there exist many examples that individuals who stand up to the corruption in California’s court system will be targeted and such acts are consistently aided and abetted by the all aspects of the court system here.

    For my own part I have had all of my children and property confiscated, nearly all of my unalienable constitutional rights stripped from me and now live as a pauper; yet I have never even been charged must less mirandized for any crime whatsoever. Simply because I stood up to our corrupt justice system, I and many others remain under attack.

    California’s court system is replete with profiteering and cover up and until the systemic corruption is properly addressed, the People of the State of California and the Greater United States are in considerable danger.

  3. I am a retired Judge of the State of California. Justice McConnell was instrumental in getting the CJP commission to investigate me. While I was an unorthodox judge, using a “tough love” approach in court, the REAL reason I was being investigated was because I was refusing to play politics with public safety issues. Women and Children were at risk on Domestic Violence cases and in Family Court cases due to court bias that no one wants to talk about. I spoke up, and I spoke often. I became a Whistleblower in May 2010 and by September 2010 the CJP wanted to have me removed from the bench. I resigned rather than be removed by a corrupt process. If there is no justice for judges, there is most definitely reason for the average citizen to be concerned about the integrity of the court system. Be that as it may, First Amendment rights and Public Safety issues are at stake with Ms. Kramer’s case. This is a travesty of justice.

    • Judge Salcido,
      Thank you for speaking out. They actually are going to follow thru with this. Am to show up at Los Colinas on Mon. morning to spend five days in jail for not adhering to a contempt of court directive that the judge KNOWS I cannot do. I was to remove five posts from the Internet. The website owners refused to have them removed because they are the direct evidence that McConnell and Huffman KNOW they framed a whistle blower of fraud in US public health policy for libel AND Judge Nugent knows he gagged me from being able to write of it.

      One of the days in jail is for a post I did not even make (that is absolutely true and a matter of public court record). Another of the days is for post that does not exist.

      I think they know they are in deep doo doo with this one, but like the Emperor’s New Robe they just keep on going hoping people will not recognize what they are doing because it is too unbelievable that they are actually doing it.

  4. I support, wholeheartedly, an investigation into the wrong-doings of the CA. courts! I, too, have been a victim of the collusion taking place amongst the courts, the ACOEM and the US Chamber. I have been denied disability twice and my case is currently pending (for over 2yrs. for a total of 7yrs. all together) in a Los Angeles county, CA. appeals court. I have no doubt in my mind that I have been refused disability as a direct result of the ACOEM’s position paper authored by Kelman and Hardin. My current lawyer has called my case a, “Travesty”!

    To allow such injustice to continue, knowingly, to put a price on people’s lives and to frame then threaten to jail someone for speaking the truth is pure insanity! I support Sharon Kramer, Crystal Stuckey, Kevin Carstens and all others who have fought for justice and truth!!

  5. Posted on behalf of Ms. Crystal Stuckey, owner of Katy’s Exposure Blog

    “I fully support this request for investigation. I, too, am a victim of the CA courts colluding to defraud and trying to silence Sharon of how and why they framed her for libel over the first public writing of how it became a fraud in US public health policy that it was scientifically proven moldy buildings do not harm.

    I have been hacked and cyber stalked so bad for aiding to get the truth out, that I cannot even access my own blog. I can show that my phone calls even sometimes get rerouted. Through smart meter tampering, I have control over nothing. I was even threatened in a parking lot last week by a man who said to me, ‘Ma’am, you are being watched’.

    Mr. Kelman and his attorney, Mr. Scheuer, threatened me with litigation if Katy’s Exposure continued to post the direct evidence of their criminal behavior including but not limited to the evidence that Mr. Kelman committed perjury to establish a false theme for Sharon to have malice for him and all courts suppressed the evidence of his criminal perjury and his attorney’s suborning of it.

    Justices Judith McConnell, Cynthia Aaron, Alex MacDonald, Patricia Benke, Richard Huffman and Joan Irion should be sent to jail for their conspiring to defraud the public out of billions of dollars while thousands of lives have been devastated. So should Judge Thomas Nugent for aiding to conceal what his peers have done and now threatening to jail Sharon in a massive collusion to cover up massive corruption in the California courts.


    I want these corrupt judiciaries, Mr. Kelman and Mr. Scheuer held accountable for defrauding the public by criminal means while destroying the lives of thousands – including mine. What is wrong in this country that this is allowed to continue with Sharon being the one who is going to be jailed?”

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