Mold Issue ~ Why Mrs. Kramer Cannot Sign Mr. Kelman’s Proposed Retraction w/o Committing Perjury & Defrauding The Public

In the ongoing saga of Kelman v. Kramer, (aka the US Chamber of Commerce & Compromised CA Courts v. the US Constitution & Public Welfare) toxic tort expert defense witness, Mr. Bruce  Kelman, would like integrity in health marketing advocate, Mrs.Sharon Kramer, to be incarcerated for refusing to be silenced of how he sued her for libel over the words, “altered his under oath statements” in the first public writing (her’s in 2005) of how it became a false concept in US public health policy that it was scientifically prove moldy buildings do not harm to benefit of the insurance industry and other stakeholders of moldy buildings.  (Some pdfs are large and may take several seconds to open)

All courts suppressed the evidence that Mr. Kelman committed perjury to establish false theme for Mrs. Kramer’s malice while the courts crafted opinions to make Mrs. Kramer ‘s writing appear to make a false accusation of Mr. Kelman that the writing did not make, as they falsely deemed Mrs. Kramer to be a “MALICIOUS LIAR”

In a second lawsuit that Mr. Kelman filed against Mrs. Kramer in 2010, the court GAGGED Mrs. Kramer from being able to write the words from the prior case for which she was sued and framed for libel with actual malice, “altered his under oath statements”.

In September of 2011, Mrs. Kramer sent LETTERS to the JUSTICES who framed her for libel with actual malice, (along with the CHIEF JUSTICE of California) — seeking their help to undo their past wrongs. She put the letters on the Internet so as not to have to attach documentation to the letters and to get public sunlight on what the courts are unlawfully doing.

Instead of help from the justices who frame her, she received a CONTEMPT OF COURT charge for repeating the words in the letters for which she had been framed by them for libel and then gagged from writing, “altered his under oath statements”.  The SENTENCE is currently to be five days in jail, with the sentencing date of March 9, 2012.

Mrs. Kramer also received a $19,343.95 LIEN on her name for submitting a “frivilous motion” that the court lift the gag order that precludes her from writing of the judicial misconduct in Kelman & GlobalTox v. Kramer aiding the continued defrauding of the public over the mold issue.

The Court is ignoring that INTERNET site OWNERS have informed the Court that Mrs. Kramer cannot remove the evidence of the courts framing her for libel from their websites because there are too many lives at stake to let it continue to be hidden from public view of what the courts have unlawfully done. They have framed a whistle blower of fraud in policy for libel, gagged her from writing of it, threatened her with jail if she does not remain silent, put a lien on her name – while knowing they are aiding the insurance industry et. al. to continue to benefit from a fraud in public health policy over the mold issue.

NOW Mr. Kelman, his attorney and the courts would like for Mrs. Kramer to sign an apology to Mr. Kelman for being framed by him, his attorney and the courts for libel- and for refusing to be silenced of the continued adverse impact on the public because of their collective unlawful misconduct – or go to jail.  

Needless to say, Mrs. Kramer is not going to perjure herself to conceal Mr. Kelman, his attorney and the courts unlawful misconduct that has harmed her, her family and the public greatly; and sign a trumped up fraudulent apology for absolutely truthful words of how Mr. Kelman is still able to sell doubt of causation directly because of what the courts have done in Kelman & GlobalTox v. Kramer and Kelman v. Kramer.

Filed in North San Diego County Superior Court, March 8, 2012, the Honorable Thomas Nugent Presiding along with other filings regarding the March 9 sentencing date for daring to speak the truth in America


NO RETRACTION by Sharon Kramer

INABILITY TO SIGN “retraction by Sharon Kramer” without committing perjury & defrauding the public

APPELLATE COURT crafted opinions to make a writing appear to have made an accusation of perjury that it did not make


2006 & 2010 APPELLATE OPINIONS omitted fourteen key lines from the middle of Mr. Kelman’s testimony in Oregon

ALL COURTS SUPPRESSED evidence of Mrs. Kramer’s unimpeached explanation for the phrase, “altered his  under oath statements”

MRS. KRAMER’S WRITING accurately states the think-tank money was for theUSChamber Mold Statement 

THE 2006 Anti-SLAPP Appellate Opinion falsely made it appear Mrs. Kramer accused Mr. Kelman of lying about being paid for the ACOEM Mold Statement

THE 2010 OPINION concealed what judicial peers had done in 2006 to frame Mrs. Kramer for libel

MR. KELMAN’S ATTORNEY’S role in making it falsely appear Mrs. Kramer accused Mr. Kelman of lying about being paid to author the ACOEM Mold Statement

THIS COURT IS AWARE that Mr. Kelman and Mr. Scheuer want Mrs. Kramer gagged from being able to write of how prior courts and Mr. Scheuer framed her for libel over the words, “altered his under oath statements”

MR. KELMAN DID commit perjury – in Kelman & GlobalTox v. Kramer to establish false theme for malice

THIS COURT KNOWS Mr. Kelman’s testimony as an expert defense witness in mold litigation is not based on accepted science 

PRIOR TO ISSUING the temporary injunctive relief order, this Court was provided evidence of the continued adverse impact on the public if Mrs. Kramer was stopped from writing of what prior courts had done

MRS. KRAMER is unable to sign proposed retraction without committing perjury, defrauding the public, concealing judicial misconduct & aiding to defile the Constitution

RETRACTION by Justice Judith McConnell, Chair of th California Commission on Judicial Performance

DECLARATION of Sharon Noonan Kramer

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1 thought on “Mold Issue ~ Why Mrs. Kramer Cannot Sign Mr. Kelman’s Proposed Retraction w/o Committing Perjury & Defrauding The Public

  1. It angers me to my core that this is happening to Ms. Kramer! As far as I’m concerned all those who have had a hand in her incarceration, including Bruce Kelman, Mr. Scheuer, Justice Judith McConnell, the Honorable (?) Thomas Nugent, Justice Patricia Benke, Justice Richard Huffman, Justice Joan Irrion, the Manhattan Institue, the ACOEM, the US Chamber of Commerce, the CA courts (more speciffically, the North county Superior court of San Diego & the Appellate court) and those who have been unwilling to get invovled and help are scum of the earth and someday soon they will know what KARMA really is!

    And to Sharon Kramer:

    Thank you for your bravery and unyeilding committment to this ongoing battle for justice for all those who are suffering and dying from the devastating effects of toxic mold exposure! We support you wholeheartedly and will continue this fight for justice on your behalf and ourselves who have been harmed!

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