7 Years ago today, I was the first to publicly write of how it became a fraud in US public health policy it was proven moldy buildings do not harm. Today, I am going to jail for that writing.

Know why?  Because I wrote of how a think-tank paid two PhDs to author a mold position statement for the US Chamber.  It said it was proven all claims of illness from “toxic mold” were only being made because of trial lawyers, media and Junk Science.

I wrote about how that paper was so closely tied to a medical association mold paper, ACOEM’s.  I wrote about an author of both of those papers flip flopping back and forth when forced to discuss the close connection of the papers in front of a jury. Altering his under oath statements.

The courts made my writing look like I accused Bruce Kelman of lying about being paid to author the medical association paper.  Nope. My writing is 100% correct.  I accurately stated the think-tank money was for the US Chamber paper.

That’s why I am going to jail today.  The courts framed me for libel over a writing impacting public health and mold litigation, nationwide.

I will always be proud of this writing.  It was the catalyst that brought to light the conflicts of interest and how the conflicted were all connected to willfully stymie the advancement of science over the issue.

Wish me luck. I go at 1:30PM.  With so much court corruption over this case involving so many well connected judiciary, I am not hopeful.  They are sending me to jail, not for repeating the five words, “altered his under oath statements”, but for showing on the Internet how the courts framed me for libel for those words in a writing impacting the lives of thousands.



17 thoughts on “7 Years ago today, I was the first to publicly write of how it became a fraud in US public health policy it was proven moldy buildings do not harm. Today, I am going to jail for that writing.

  1. Sharon,
    Have you contacted the media such as CNN on this issues? There is a doctor out of Maryland that conducted and continued to do an extensive reseach on dangerous buildings and mold illness patients. His name is Ritchie Shoemaker. He also wrote many books on this subject. His latest book is “Surviving Mold” an excellent book if you wants to educate yourself on this matter. You can also go to his website: http://www.survivingmold.com. We need to take a stand against this evilness.
    Sincerely Tee

    • Tee,
      Thank you for your comment and suggestion. Yes, I am familiar with Dr. Shoemaker’s work and his new book. In it, he writes of my contribution of helping to reshape federal policy. He writes of the US Senate Staff Briefing I moderated in which I brought him in as a panel of four experts I selected. Dr Shoemaker has submitted an amicus letter on my behalf to the CA Supreme Court, 2006 to no avail. What this is really about is that in 2005, Schwarzenegger brought in ACOEM to the state of CA to write the workers comp guidelnes. One month after the first court denied my antiSLAPP motion while being provided the evidence that Kelman committed perjury to establish false theme for malice, Schwarzenegger endorsed ACOEM’s mold statement, written by Kelman, into the Workers Comp policy. All courts have been circling the wagos ever since.

  2. PS. I would take Sharon’s place in a heartbeat since the system has already imprisoned me by purposefully keeping me in limbo for 7yrs. and denying my disability and since this illness has imprisoned me physically!!!

  3. It’s bad enough that I haven’t gotten a favorable judgement in my disability case in Los Angeles county (I was denied twice) and have now been waiting judgement from the Appeals court for over 2yrs. but to send an innocent woman to jail for speaking the truth is down right disgracefull!!! So many have been harmed by what Kelman, Hardin, the ACOEM, the judicial system and the US Chamber have done! To put a price on people’s lives, to frame someone, to cover up truth, to flat out lie and to not care that it’s killing people is inhumane!! These people are psychopaths and deserve everything that KARMA will bring!

    I thank Sharon for her bravery and unyeilding efforts to fight for justice on behalf of all of us who are suffering and dying from the devastating effects of toxic mold exposure! You are a HERO in my book!

  4. IF THIS WERE A JUDGE OR A CORPORATION speaking for themselves, no one would put them in jail for violating the 1st amendment but maybe they should since they put innocent people in jail for excerising their own 1st amendment.

  5. Sharon,
    It is truly sad what the judicial branch is becoming in this country. It appears in some areas of the country that if you have the resources you can get the rulings that favor your interests. Stay strong Sharon, rely on God’s strength and know that judgment day will arrive for all that have brought injustice upon you. You will receive God’s grace for fighting for those whom have no voice.

  6. Sharon,
    It was so nice to speak to you. My thoughts and prayers are with you during these trying times. Keep your head up high. There are a lot of people watching what is going on. You would think the lawyers, Judges and other corrupt people involved in this coverup might realize that. HAVE YOU THOUGHT ABOUT TURKO FILES? Im sure you have. Let me know what I can do if anything to help you!

  7. I too pray for you Sharon. This state of CA. has gone insane when a person can go to jail to tell the truth but not a person who states vial things about women over the radio airwaves & yes this radio person does reach CA. This is yet another case of abuse of power by those who are supposed to be the most profound of justice. We’re at a very dangerous time when American people are jailed for using their 1st amendment rights. I don’t think we’re in “AMERICA” anymore, this is what Faschist countries do (have done) & those who routinely violate human rights.
    What exactly is the time frame for your unjustified incarceration & sue the bastards for violating your 1st amendment rights including those so called judges who don’t know the difference between real constitutional rights & who are the real criminals.
    God Bless you!

    • Marti,
      Good to hear from you! Thank you for asking. The first thing you could do, is go to the Home Page and sign up to FOLLOW this blog. You are one who I keep meaning to get info to, but forget your email address. (my folder is full, I have to enter many by hand with each new email and look them up to do it) If you and all others FOLLOW, you will get automatice updates.

      I am going to put a post out tomorrow morning of what I could REALLY use help with – that you would be in a great position to do. Don’t want to do it now because I am aware that Kelman’s attorney is following this blog. They want to send me to jail to teach me a leason of what happens when you speak against the interest of the US Chamber. They are trying to hold me out as what others should fear if they dare to speak out. I got news for ’em.

      Kelman’s attorney said on Friday that the judge should haul me immediately off to jail and give me a “profilactic experience” – meaning “treat her badly in incarceration and teach that upity woman a leason.” I am going to hold THEM out as what happens to well connected bullies who unlawfully try to thwart the right to speak the truth in America for the public good and try to intimidate others who would dare to speak the truth adverse to the interests of the US Chamber of Commerce.

      More in the morning. Please hit “Follow” on the Home Page.

  8. As I hear, Monday you go into jail? So sad. America has come to the point where freedom of speech is not free unless it suits the rich. Speaking out for the poor and the sick is an offense punishable by jail. I am sorry this has happened to you, Sharon. I hope something good comes of this! If the Us Chamber of Commerce and the ACOM would retract their position papers that state that mold cannot be making people ill AND REPLACE the papers with the TRUTH ABOUT MOLD… that would be a good end result, don’t you think?

    • Heather,

      Something good will come of this. They can’t keep this procession going for ever. The Emperor Has No Clothes. We just need to get a lot of sunlight on what they are doing to me to try to keep the science fraud going and to conceal seven years worth of Judicial Misconduct that has aided and abetted it.


  9. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Billdaddy expressed my sentiments exactly. Who could imagine that you would face jail for refusing to relinquish your first amendent rights? The rest of it most could conceive of….
    By depriving you of your first amendment right and your freedom, they’ve bitten off more than they can chew; we are all watching.

  10. Sharon, Please know I am Praying for you and for all of us. I can only reiterate Those that are guilty have blood on their hands and come judgement day I pray those drops become rivers that they will forever drown in….. Over and over and over again, for all eternity. They should have their names carved in stone next to Tyrants and Terrorists…… Below is a drop of balance:
    I am just so very proud of the U.S Attorney and the FBI in Ohio and I asked them if Southern California could borrow them.
    CLEVELAND—A jury convicted former Cuyahoga County, Ohio Commissioner Jimmy Dimora of racketeering, bribery, conspiracy, Hobbs Act conspiracy, tax charges, and other crimes, federal law enforcement officials announced today.

    Co-defendant Michael Gabor, 52, of Parma, Ohio, was also convicted of racketeering, conspiracy to commit Hobbs Act extortion, obstruction of justice, and other crimes following a trial before U.S. District Judge Sarah Lioi that lasted nearly two months.

    Judge Lioi ordered both men detained.

    Dimora, 56, of Independence, Ohio, was convicted on 33 counts, while Gabor was convicted on seven counts.

    Fifty people—including two judges, the county auditor, and now a former county commissioner—have now been convicted in the federal investigation into corruption in Cuyahoga County. Cuyahoga County is the largest county in Ohio and includes Cleveland.
    more at: http://tinyurl.com/826g7qh

  11. I wish there was more I could do to help you Sharon.. I would have liked to have seen thousands of people stand by your side through this but as usual,, in Moldland we only get a handful of people willing to take action on this matter.. I commend you for your strength,, courage and dedication to this cause.. I promise to continue spreading your message and continuing this battle against injustice. This is more than just a battle over mold.. It is a battle over the American way of life that we once knew.. It is about our constitution and our freedom and these people responsible for this miscarriage of justice have to be held accountable somehow.. Good God America,,,,Stand Up.
    Sincerely,,, Billdaddy

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