A Really Sad Day For Me, My Family & The Constitution, I Am Going To Jail Today

For Speaking The Truth In America Adverse To The Interests of the US Chamber of Commerce

The Court is not even pretending it is following the law.

In its simplest form,

A. the Court ORDERED ME to remove 5 truthful posts from the Internet or spend one day in jail for each post.  (One of the posts is not even mine and one does even exist.)

B. The Internet site owners submitted detailed DECLARATIONS BOTH stated they control their sites and the posts are not coming down.  They even invited the courts to post an explanation on their sites to those who are sick and can get no help directly because of what the courts have done to me.

C. By law, a person cannot be incarcerated in CA for Civil Contempt of Court if they cannot comply with the order.  Code of Civil Procedure CCP §1219(a) states. “The ‘coercive’ imprisonment must end when the contemner no longer has the power to comply.”

D. The Court said, “So what.  You are going to jail, anyway” My ORDER to show up at the women’s detention center at 9AM this morning.

E. I am a 56 year old woman.  Wife of 30 years.  Mother of two grown, college educated daughters.  I’ve never been charged with a crime.  I’ve never had a jury trial for this sentence.  I can’t comply with the Court Order.  Still, I am going to jail.

F.  Why?  Because I dared to speak the truth of a well marketed FRAUD in US public health policy that aids the affiliates of the US Chamber of Commerce.

What is a really scary statement of the state of our society, is that NO ONE has stepped in to stop this.

PLEASE send mass emails to OBAMA!

I should add that Bruce Kelman’s attorney, Keith Scheuer, stated to the judge on Friday that he wanted me to have a “profilactic experience” while in jail.  To which the Judge Nugent replied that I would have.

I refuse to sign a false confession of being guilty of libel over the words, “altered his under oath statements”.

My signature would absolve six San Diego Appellate Justices, McConnell, Huffman, Benke, Aaron, McDonald and Irrion framing me for those words to make me appear to be a malicious liar for exposing a massive scientific fraud in US public health policy and US courts over the mold issue; thereby aiding the scientific fraud to continue to harm the lives of thousands.

My accurate 2005 writing:
Upon viewing documents presented by the Hayne’s attorney of Kelman’s prior testimony from a case in Arizona, Dr. Kelman altered his under oath statements on the witness stand.   …A version of the Manhattan Institute commissioned piece may also be found as a position statement on the website of a United States medical policy-writing body, the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.” [ACOEM] 
The Appellate Court stating the same thing in the 2006 anti-SLAPP opinion and then deeming me a malicious liar for the accurate writing:
He [Bruce Kelman] admitted being paid by the Manhattan Institute to write a lay translation. The fact that Kelman did not clarify that he received payment from the Manhattan Institute until after being confronted with the Kilian deposition  [sic, bench trial] testimony could be viewed by a reasonable jury as resulting from the poor phrasing of the question rather from an attempt to deny payment. In sum, Kelman and GlobalTox presented sufficient evidence to satisfy a prima facie showing that the statement in the press release was false.”
Appellate Court concealing their peers’ framing in their 2010 App Opinion:
“In a prior opinion, a previous panel of this court affirmed an order denying Kramer’s motion to strike under the anti-SLAPP statute… In doing so, we largely resolved the issues Kramer now raises on appeal. In our prior opinion, we found sufficient evidence Kramer’s Internet post was false and defamatory as well as sufficient evidence the post was published with constitutional malice.” 
Update, on March 12, 2013 
From the transcript, the day they released me from jail, March 14, 2012:

JUDGE NUGENT: “…I recalled you even said that it wasn’t you who had accused the gentleman of perjury or of altering his testimony. It was rather counsel’s efforts to try to make it sound that way. I don’t know if I remember that right or not, if you did say that or that is how you feel.  More importantly, I would really strongly urge you give every consideration to agreeing to the proposal counsel made which simply said, “I didn’t mean that”. “I didn’t mean to suggest that”. I’m not saying you have to do that. I’m not.  You didn’t hear that from me.  But you did hear the important thing.

SHARON KRAMER: “No.  I did not hear the important thing.  I did not hear an apology that the courts framed me for libel seven years ago and I am sitting here in handcuffs for speaking the truth about fraud and policy.  If you want to send me back to jail, fine. But I’m not signing an apology for the courts doing that.”


SHARON KRAMER: No. What you’re asking me to do is fraud – to collude with the court to defraud the public after seven years.”

NUGENT: Right. But I’m not conditioning my decision this morning on that. That’s not a condition.  It was merely a wish.” 

SHARON KRAMER “This is a crime. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

How many lives have been devastated in the past year alone from this perverse situation being allowed to continue in the California courts?
The paper that I exposed was a scientific fraud, “A Scientific View of the Health Effects of Mold”, US Chamber Institute for Legal Reform (ILR) & Manhattan Institute Center for Legal Policy (CLP): cites false physician authorship & false university affiliation, was paid for by a think-tank, was written with the express direction that it should be something judges can understand and is used by political action committees to mislead courts. The entire false concept that mold is not toxic when found in a water damaged building, is based on one set of never vetted extrapolations by Kelman & Hardin, to form such the outrageously unscientific conclusion of proof of lack of causation from toxins in water damaged buildings. What the U.S. Chamber’s Scientific View of the Health Effects of Mold says to “educate” judges, while people are losing everything from the deadly, hateful, deceptive  marketing scheme to defraud the public and taxpayer is “Thus the notion that Toxic Mold is an insidious secret killer as so many trial lawyers and media would claim is ‘Junk Science” unsupported by actual scientific study.”

The San Diego courts, Veritox and their attorney, DESPERATELY want me silenced of what they have collusively done to me by criminal means to make me appear to be a malicious liar – to aid the scientific fraud to continue.  
Supporting Documentation:

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U.S. Federal Warnings: Prevention of Diseases from Exposure to Biocontaminants in Damp Buildings | Katy’s Exposure


19 thoughts on “A Really Sad Day For Me, My Family & The Constitution, I Am Going To Jail Today

  1. I am very aware of the Profit Before Humanity conspiracies condoned by the Govt.,, facilitated by
    Doctor Traitors in Science & Medicine, then libelously abetted and legitimized in our Courts. It is the ultimate Faustian Bargain that betrays the trust of all those Authorities we were taught to trust. This is a battle that cannot be won by a single warrior. It is an information battle to inform We the People of the lethal betrayals by those in positions of power and authority who we were taught to respect, trust, and “never question”. .

    • Nancy,
      Exactly right. That’s why I need help and sunlight on what the courts have been doing to me by criminal means to keep the science fraud going in policy and courts. If this is not one of the worst civil/constitutional rights violations for speaking the truth for my fellowman – and ending up going to jail for refusing to commit the crime of perjury, (sign a false confession after they framed me) I don’t know what is. Worse, the fraud I spoke of that they wanted me silenced of and falsely deemed a malicious liar for exposing it, continues to harm thousands while I’m acting as a lone warrior watching all these lives be devastated. I need sunlight and public outrage. That’s the ONLY thing that will stop the corrupt courts and stop the science fraud.

      • Television is the way to get wide coverage of Issues affecting large numbers of people, especially where fraud is involved. Last Sunday 60 Minutes did an Expose on the Fungal Meningitis epidemic caused by a mold, bacteria, and fungus filled compounding Lab that contaminated Steroids used for ESIs. Over a 10 yr. period the Lab was reported for illness incidents caused by their contaminated medical materials. The FDA ignored it’s duty as well as State authorities. Actually steroid spinal injections have never been FDA approved, but have become a multi billion dollar business. There is no oversight or inspections of this industry in spite of the Medical Papers and warnings that have been written. Thousands have been injected with mold, bacteria, and fungal toxins, causing death or mysterious illnesses. There are failures to report, medical denials due to ignorance, greed, or cover ups, all due to the government’s failure to perform it’s duty to the people. Probably in deference to Corporate profit Influence. There is an Investigation, while people are still suffering and dying. My son was sickened by excessive injections. The Doctor owned ESI Facility was put out of busness for fraudulent business practices, Doctor kickbacks, and bilking Medicare & Medicaid of over 10 $million. He settled with the State of Texas for $650,000 and still has his license to practice medicine. Need I say more??
        Every Citizen is a potential victim of some kind of fraud known and protected by our govt. Citizens must be informed of this cynical betrayal and force the Govt. to perform it’s duty to The People.

  2. To all those who I have emailed and mailed who have yet to respond, step up or step in to stop this and take action, shame on you for turning a blinds eye to this injustice that is harming and killing people!

    To all those directly invovled in the incarceration of Sharon and the harming of those who have been exposed to toxic mold, shame on you!

    To all the family and friends who have turned their backs on those who were made ill by this devastating illness, shame on you for not being supportive!

    Someday you will reap what you sow! Someday KARMA will slap you in the face when you least expect it!

    And to Sharon Kramer:
    I thank you for all you have done! You truly are a HERO! We will win this war!!

  3. PS-I can only hope that Mr., and I use the term loosely, Scheuer is the recepient of his own prophylactic experience preferably whilst in the company of the right honorable, terms used lightly, Nugent.

  4. Oddly enough, my immediate problems have erupted again, coinciding with the escalation of your situation. Internet access is iffy and I am, once again, homeless. I will continue to monitor this matter as best I can while taking care of my immediate crisis.

    I am thinking of you.

  5. Sharon I am so sorry they decided to do this to you. Thank you for being the voice for so many of us suffering from this long ignored illness. I am appalled at the actions of ACOEM, VeriTox, US Chamber, & the CA Courts. If not for their actions, the majority of us would never have become so ill, or suffered permanent health damage due to long term toxic mold exposure. Instead of working for the interests of the insurance industry, they could have educated health workers so that the public was properly informed of the medical warning signs which could have prevented continued long-term exposures. A class action lawsuit needs to be brought against ALL of those who contributed to this fraud in public health policy. They have directly contributed to the injuries & deaths of THOUSANDS of innocent people and should be held accountable for their actions!

  6. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. I admire the strength and fortitude you have shown during this fight for justice on behalf of those afflicted with this terrible medical condition.

    God bless you!

  7. I too have lost my home and my health to toxic mold. I have been living this nightmare for almost a year. There is no insurance coverage for the damage. There are no government agencies that help unless you were damaged by a hurricane. Sharon was trying to speak the truth for all of us. I cannot believe no one has stepped in to help her.

  8. This is wrong… just wrong. Really… Sharon is going to jail over the fact that mold CAN make people extremely ill? OF COURSE MOLD CAN MAKE US SICK! Big corporations just don’t want to admit it because it will cost too much money. So, they pay people to write false studies to discredit the sick people… because sick people are also usually poor people, so if you discredit them and give them antidepressants for a Pshychiatric disorder than Big Pharma makes money and big Corps don’t have to spend money on cleaning up the air! Corporations are making money off mold too… the only ones that lose are the poor people who can’t afford a place to live or proper medical care! California courts try to keep Sharon’s message quiet by putting her behind bars… the rest of us who have been injured by mold need to scream from the rooftops!

  9. It is very sad that this has happened to Ms Kramer. The story will not go away and people wll continue to get sick. The truth will be a part of history. Sharon can raise her head knowing she was helping others. I have written to my President, etc. and will always work on this issue since my family has suffered so much trauma from getting sick in a water damaged/indoor moldy home– but also others in my family have had this happen at work and one in an HUD.

    So many lives hurt because the proper information is not given to those in this situation. People are left scrambling trying to figure out what to do since the information varies from dept to dept. Healthy people do become sick from this illness and the discrimination has caused so much more pain than necessary.

    So many are getting sick from environmental illnesses and most doctors are not trained to deal with these illnesses. What will they do when the new Health Care is in place and doctors don’t have the education to deal with so many people dealing with these illnesses because of all of this mess. Bless you Sharon. Thinking of you. Linda

  10. I’m so sorry Sharon about what these tyrants are doing. You are correct that this is illegal. But as you are discovering, the court system doesn’t concern itself with the law where such conflicts with its own tyrannicopolitical interests. I know you are scared and outraged, especially since there is no lawful authority interceding as there should be. Nor even a citizens group capable of resisting this organized crime. I’m so sorry.

    I know this is small comfort, but things will be okay. There are undoubtedly forces at work here that are beyond normal ken; forces that have chosen you for something important. I will keep you in my thoughts every day and spread the word as best I can. This is only the beginning of the court system’s end. Please take heart.

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