Hidden agendas rarely stay hidden forever. In the early 2000’s the US government helped to promote the false concept moldy buildings do not harm. Ten years later they can’t undo the deceit without acknowledging how many lives have been devastated from the deceptive error. As a result, lives continue to be devastated and those who know why experience unbridled retribution.

Katy's Exposure

          June 6, 2012 Washington DC:  The Federal Interagency CIAQ meeting it was stated that the federal agencies will not be putting out an advisory to the public, physicians, and health departments that moldy buildings can and do cause serious harm beyond respiratory.   The Navy housing is still using the fraudulent science of ACOEM, the US Chamber and VeriTox, Inc (President, Bruce Kelman and co-owner Bryan Hardin wrote the fraudulent policy for ACOEM and the CHAMBER) to pretend that it has been proven the buildings do not.
          June 4, 2012 San Diego, California:  Judge Thomas Nugent REFUSED to be disqualified from the case of Bruce Kelman v. Sharon Kramer.  In 2005, Kramer was the first to write of how ACOEM, the US Chamber, Kelman and Veritox were all connected to mass market the false science for the purpose of limiting financial liability for stakeholders of moldy buildings.  Kelman sued her for…

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