“There is nothing frivolous about California judiciaries working in  concert  to  suppress direct evidence of perjury and suborning of perjury while knowing their. actions are abetting  massive hate crimes  against the environmentally disabled and dying in a scheme for insurers to shift their financial responsibility for the illnesses onto taxpayers; and with court clerks falsifying legal documents to conceal the judiciaries’ roles in aiding it to continue as all legal system policing agencies turn a blind eye to the mass corruption of the California courts in deliberate indifference.  As a United States citizen I have a right and a duty to say this and to provide the public with the irrefutable evidence that it is true.  Yet, I was jailed and harmed in March of 2012 for exposing this corruption in California courts aiding the insurer fraud and hate crimes of epic proportion. I have now been court ordered to publish on the internet that this is not true, to pay the courts for exposing their fraud and to never write of the matter again or face more incarceration.  It is all true and I can prove it — and no intimidation tactic will ever coerce me into silence. Too many lives and the Constitution are at stake.”   Sharon Noonan Kramer 

Appellate Court Kelman v. Kramer NOTICE OF APPEAL (in pdf)

               “TO ALL DISCLOSED AND UNDISCLOSED PARTIES AND THEIR ATTORNEYS OF RECORD: Sharon “Kramer”, hereby appeals from the order denying her “MOTION TO VACATE VOID CORAM NON JUDICE ‘JUDGMENT AND ORDER FOR CIVIL CONTEMPT AND PERMANENT INJUNCTION’ in Criminal Violation of C.C.P 1209(b)” pursuant to Codes of Civil Procedures 1209(b), 337.5(b), 391(b), 657.1, 657.4, 657.6, 657.7, 664, 664.5(b); Government Codes 6200(a)(c) and 6203(a)(b); Business and Professions Codes 6068(c)(d)(f)(g); and Penal Codes 422.55(a)(1)(7), 422.55(b), 422.6(a).  Notice of August 31, 2012 MINUTE ORDER on said motion in this case, “Kelman v. Kramer”, was mailed to Kramer from the Court on September 4, 2012.

Dated: September 28, 2012      Sharon Kramer, Appellant

REQUEST FOR JUDICIAL NOTICE  (in pdf w/working links)           

Please take notice of the following attached evidence:

             1.) that on October 5, 2011, the Clerk of the Fourth District Division One “Appellate Court”, Stephen “Kelly”, called Sharon “Kramer” on the telephone and threatened her that Presiding Justice of the Appellate Court, Justice Judith McConnell, would deem Kramer to be a vexatious litigant should Kramer pursue legal action for Kelly’s provable falsification of the December 20, 2010 Remittitur under the seal of the State of California and provable alteration of the electronic case record “CCMS” to match the falsified Remittitur of the foundational case to this case, Bruce J. Kelman & GlobalTox, Inc., v. Sharon Kramer, (“Kelman & GlobalTox v. Kramer”) Appellate Case No. D054496.  (Attached hereto as Exhibit [1] [1a] is Kramer’s follow up fax of October 5, 2011 to the October 5, 2011 telephoned threat to Kramer from Kelly, who is also California Judicial Council member and Administration of the Office of the Courts employee.)

               This falsification of court records is central to the continuance of malicious litigation against Kramer by the plaintiff(s) and officers of the court, with no subject matter jurisdiction. Contrary to Kelly’s threat, under California Code of Civil Procedure 391(b) Kramer is not a vexatious litigant. She has not filed multiple lawsuits, nor did she initiate this lawsuit or the suit upon which this suit is founded via the evidence of falsified legal documents being suppressed by the courts. The motions she has filed in her defense are not frivolous or vexatious in an attempt to stop harassment of her.  Kramer has a right, without fear of retaliation from the courts and denial of her Constitutional rights, to appeal unlawful clerk, plaintiff and officer of the court actions.

               2.) that many of these unlawful actions have been carried out, coram non judice, because the entire case of Kelman v. Kramer is founded upon falsified court documents, i.e., judgment and remittitur from the prior case, Kelman & GlobalTox v. Kramer. (Attached hereto as Exhibit [2] is Department 28, North San Diego Superior Court amending the judgment on October 28, 2011, in Kelman & GlobalTox v. Kramer – one year after the case of Kelman v. Kramer was initiated by Bruce “KELMAN” and his attorney Keith “Scheuer” – which is founded solely on the void judgment of Kelman & GlobalTox v. Kramer.)

               3.) that the amendment to the judgment is also one year after the Appellate Court falsely stated in their September 2010 Opinion that a judgment had been entered in Kramer’s favor and she was awarded costs; then refused to recall and rescind the fraudulent and void remittitur to correct the void judgment on record. (Attached hereto as Exhibit [3] is page one of the fraudulent Appellate Opinion and refusal to recall and rescind the falsified remittitur).

               4.) that even with the lower court amendment in 2011 after the erred Opinion of the Appellate Court in 2010 and refusal to correct legal error; the judgment on record in Kelman & GlobalTox v. Kramer continues to be void to be used for any purpose under C.C.P. 664 (as it was when this Court accepted jurisdiction, January 2009).  It was ante-dated twice aiding the case Abstract of Judgment dated December 30, 2008 and the Lien of January 19, 2008, recorded by California licensed attorney, Scheuer, against Kramer’s property to award Scheuer’s commingled, interest accruing costs incurred by his trial loser client, GLOBALTOX, to Bruce KELMAN, with interest accruing from three months, September 24, 2008, before they are stated as awarded on the void judgment, December 18, 2008; and three weeks before the commingled costs were even submitted by Scheuer and his client, KELMAN, on October 16, 2008. (Attached hereto as Exhibit [4] is the Abstract & Lien obtained by attorney Scheuer stating interest accruing costs were awarded to Kelman on September 24, 2008 – not December 18, 2008 as stated on the known void judgment – and stating interest accruing costs were awarded three weeks before they were even submitted on October 16, 2008.)

                As the Appellate Court is well aware, the fraudulent judgment from Kelman & GlobalTox v. Kramer, is the sole foundational legal document to the case of Kelman v. Kramer as submitted by the same attorney, Scheuer, on November 4, 2010; with the entire purpose of the second case to permanently enjoin Kramer from exposing the officers of the court’s and their clerks’ misconduct in the first case used to force a false finding of libel with actual malice, thereby willfully discrediting the validity of Kramer’s accurate writing over a matter impacting public health, insurer claims handling practices and toxic torts nationwide.  (Attached hereto as Exhibit [5], is the fraudulent judgment of the first case as submitted falsely under penalty of perjury by Scheuer and KELMAN as true and accurate, as the foundational legal document for the second case, November 4, 2010)

September 28, 2012   Sharon Kramer

DECLARATION OF SHARON KRAMER, UNDER DURESS (in pdf w/working links)               

                 The courts, KELMAN and Scheuer have been harassing me for now seven years for daring to speak the truth in America when it is adverse to the interest of big business.  They framed me for libel with actual malice in the first case, Kelman & GlobalTox v. Kramer [6], over the first public writing, mine in March 2005 [7], of how it became a fraud in policy that it was scientifically proven by Bruce KELMAN and undisclosed party to the litigation, Bryan “HARDIN”, that moldy buildings do not harm.  As this Court is well aware, the duo’s simple twist of never vetted exposure science is the foundation for an epic fraud perpetrated on the United States public on behalf of the affiliates of the US Chamber of Commerce and used to sell doubt of causation of environmental illness, disability and death. It is a bonifide hate crime for profit. As this Court is well aware, their science has been deemed not current accepted science to be used as proof to deny liability causation of individuals’ illnesses and disabilities.  Never the less, the courts have willfully aided it to continue and have tried every trick in the book to silence and discredit Kramer.

               This Court suppressed the evidence that Mr. Kelman committed perjury to establish false theme for malice and suppressed the evidence that Mr. Scheuer repeatedly suborned it in both their 2006 and 2010 appellate opinions – while knowing their unlawful actions were aiding the science fraud to continue in many U.S. courts and insurer claims handling practices adverse to public interest.[8]      

               In this second case, the courts have tried by hook or by crook in relentless character assassination, intimidation tactics and even bodily harm that would do the Mafia proud, to stop me from writing of what they did in the first case that has aided the continuance of insurance fraud and hate crimes against the environmentally disabled, by trying to permanently enjoining me from writing the words for which I was framed.  If I cannot write those words, the courts know that I also cannot write of how and why the courts did it and the continued adverse impact on me, my family, the environmentally disabled, the taxpayer and the Constitution because of it.                              

               The situation has now deteriorated to the point that I have been ordered by a court with no subject matter jurisdiction (because the foundational document to the case is known to be fraudulent) to commit perjury on the internet and publish a false confession of being guilty of libel for a sentence I never even wrote, Dr. Kelman altered his under oath statements on the witness stand’ while he testified as a witness in an Oregon lawsuit,”; and to never write of the matter again.[9]

               This unlawful enjoinment is for the purpose of concealing the courts, including this court, framed me for libel with actual malice over the sentences, Upon viewing documents presented by the Hayne’s attorney of Kelman’s prior testimony from a case in Arizona, Dr. Kelman altered his under oath statements on the witness stand.  He admitted the Manhattan Institute, a national political think-tank, paid GlobalTox $40,000 to write a position paper regarding the potential health risks of ‘toxic mold’ exposure”. (for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce); [10] [11] as they suppressed the evidence that KELMAN committed perjury to establish libel law required reason for malice and suppressed the evidence that Scheuer repeatedly suborned the perjury.   The continued adverse impact on me, my family, the environmentally disabled, the taxpayer and the discouragement of citizens to speak the truth in America without fear of retaliation when the speech is adverse to illicit interests of the U. S. Chamber of Commerce and affiliates, has been horrendous. Plainly stated, it is billions in insurer fraud aided to continue by the unlawful and unethical actions of this and other courts.

                Presiding Justice McConnell falsely deeming me to be a vexatious litigant at this juncture and as threatened by her clerk she would do; would be further abuse in an attempt to conceal officer of the court misconduct by making it impossible for me to file pleadings without first posting a $25,000.00 bond.  I no longer have $25,000.00 directly because of the misconduct of the plaintiffs, clerks and officers of the courts, including Justice McConnell, working in concert to defraud the public by character assassination and retaliation – and is exactly why I need to file pleadings to stop the continued damage to myself, my family and the American public resultant from the courts practicing politics from their benches – not law.                

               This NOTICE OF APPEAL, REQUEST FOR JUDICIAL NOTICE & DECLARATION OF SHARON KRAMER UNDER DURESS may be read online at ContemptOfCourtFor.Me, under the blog title of “San Diego Appellate Court ~ NOTICE OF APPEAL & REQUEST FOR JUDICIAL NOTICE” with working links to court documents in lawful accordance with C.C.P.1209(b) which states,

“A speech or publication reflecting upon or concerning a court or an officer thereof shall not be treated or punished as a contempt of the court unless made in the immediate presence of the court while in session and in such a manner as to actually interfere with its proceedings.”

              I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the state of California that the foregoing is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and executed by me this 28th day of September, 2012.   Sharon Kramer”


Superior Court, Kelman & GlobalTox v. Kramer, Department 28  NOTICE OF MOTION AND MOTION TO VACATE VOID JUDGMENT OF SEPTEMBER 24, 2008 LAST AMENDED OCTOBER 28, 2011 (in pdf w/working links)

             “As merely one example of the relentless harassment of KRAMER, in January of 2012 KRAMER was found in contempt of court by DEPT 30 for placing the letters she sent to the Judicial Council in September of 2011 outlining the fraud in K & G v. K and exactly how she was framed for libel for the words, “altered his under oath statements” on the internet in the post titled “Is The California Court Case Management System (CCMS) Being Misused For Politics In Policy & Litigation…..And The Fleecing Of The California Taxpayer Over The Mold Issue?[1]

               DEPT 30 held Kramer in contempt [2] and attempted to falsely deem her a mentally incompetent criminal for these letters being on the internet. [3]  When she then posted on the internet the latest of what DEPT 30, KELMAN and SCHEUER were doing that was harassing her to defraud the public and why they were doing it; DEPT 30 found her in contempt again, July 2, 2012, for the evidence being on the net, sanctioned her and permanently enjoined her from ever writing of it again, coram non judice.  (The silencing of Kramer will not be happening any time soon)

                One day after the July 2nd unlawful judgment, order and permanent injunction was signed in DEPT 30, on July 3, 2012 This Court sent a letter to the Judicial Council [4] also voicing concerns of abuse of tax dollars via CCMS and ramifications of loss of autonomy within the CA judicial branch.  But This Court and none of the other approximately 400 judges who also voiced concern similar to KRAMER’s were sent to jail; caused bodily harm; caused emotional distress; fined $30K; or deemed criminally malicious and mentally incompetent liars or ordered never to write of the matter again. (Sidebar: It would be a strong bet that the Judicial Council, AOC and CJP would liked to have done all of the above to these judges who are exposing waste and ineptitude of CA judicial branch and AOC)”

September 20, 2012 Sharon Kramer


                 “The August 31, 2012 Minute Order fining Kramer for putting the evidence on the Internet that the JUDGEMENT AND ORDER FOR CIVIL CONTEMPT AND PERMANENT INJUNCTION and Many rulings, judgments, fines, sanctions, etc.,  are not only unlawful and void, they are disgustingly criminal when it is known to This Court how many lives are continuing to be harmed and some even lost because of it; and it is an attempt by This Court, corum non judice, to stop the mass corruption in the California judicial branch from coming to public light via the internet.  When the courts are so severely compromised from the top down, public light is the only hope citizens have to obtain justice.  In lawful accordance with C.C.P.1209(b) and the Constitution of the United States, Kramer will continue to lawfully post the evidence on the internet of the weapon of mass destruction for the Constitution of the United States that the California judicial branch has become; including the words for which she was framed for libel “altered his under oath statements”, while the courts suppressed the evidence Kelman commit perjury to establish malice and Scheuer repeatedly suborned it – until someone does something about the corrupt courts of California. The Judgment and Order for Civil Contempt and Permanent Injunction must be vacated.  It is void. It is issued coram non judice.  It is C-R-I-M-I-N-A-L. And This Court is fully expected to suppress the evidence again that proves it while many stand by in deliberate indifference while lives continue to be devastated daily.

September 9, 2012                                                                                                            Sharon Kramer”


Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive, California courts!


of Bruce J. Kelman committing perjury to establish libel law need reason for Sharon Kramer’s alleged malicious reason to expose fraud & trying to use these cases to force her to endorse his fraudulent science, which would make her an accomplice with Kelman, his attorney and the courts to hate crimes against the environmentally disabled. 
These videos are over four years old and the courts, Kelman and his attorney are still at it!  It has cost Kramer (moi) and her husband all they own not to be forced into silence, or worse not to be forced into coercion of publishing court order lies on the internet to help them defraud the public. She (moi) was incarcerated and injured in March 2012 for refusing to sign a false confession that contains the sentence “I do not believe Dr. Kelman committed perjury”.
NO ONE in any elected or hired government role steps up to stop this as lives are unnecessarily ruined, daily — so others can continue to protect their illicit profits and stop their unlawful actions from coming to public light. Many who profess outrage of the continuing fraud remain silent of what they know of what the courts have been doing to me which aids the fraud to continue. Some, for their fear of retribution themselves or fear of loss of stature in the game.  So much for the existance of the Constitutional right to speak the truth in America for the good of the people without relentless retaliation when big money is involved!  

10 thoughts on “San Diego Appellate Court ~ NOTICE OF APPEAL & REQUEST FOR JUDICIAL NOTICE

  1. I can’t believe this abuse and discrimination has continued for so long. My what a movie this will make one day. The truth cannot be stopped even if Sharon signed anything. People are sick from water damage/indoor mold regardless of this case. It has just made people sicker knowing that this is going on in The United States of America. Seems like something that would happen in some third world country.

    We deserve justice in the court of law, the pursuite of happiness, and not to be treated like criminals because the courts or insurance companies don’t like our illness. Get over it so people can be saved and treated like human beings. What a disgrace. Linda Delp

    • What most of the public do not understand that the judicial venue is for revenue. The policies to literally take more and more money out of taxpayers one way or another. Many of the “newer” laws on the books is not about justice, it is just about figuring out ways to confiscate whatever money we have, however they can. Divorce lawyers also are real estate agents waiting for mothers to lose so the parasites can buy the home on the cheap. The money garnered in traffic fines, child custody is to perpetuate a justice system to get bigger rather than smaller by actually judicially solving problems. IF, problems are minimal, then the justice department would be a lot smaller with less parasitical attorneys, mediators, counselors and smaller courtrooms. Like the health care industry, the sicker you are, the more money the health care industry will profit. There IS NO INCENTIVE to make things better. Sharon Kramer dares to speak about how the justice venue protect itself and those who create environmentally deadly toxins. What is in it for these judges. Well, check their invest portfolio’s and also their campaign contributors. The bio world is huge and there is no incentive to bring down stocks from these ‘judges’ investments or political contributors. Judges only do care about their wallet and need to be voted out of office. Your ballot box can count for you and all of us! Just vote the bastards out and then sue them!

      • Your perception of the underlying cause of what is happening to me is spot on. I tend to look at situations that do not make sense and ask Why? In this scenario, there was a complete disconnect as to what thousands of people were stating was happening to them and Big Government saying it “Could not be.” They were liars. I have a degree in marketing. I know that concepts become decision based upon who is the best salesman selling what concept. In this case, industry got it marketed into policy that based solely upon the extrapolations applied to a single mechanistic research, they were able to prove that anyone claiming illness or death from biotoxins in water damaged buildings were liars out to scam insurers, employers, landlords, sellers, school districts and hospitals – who all had mold growth in a building. That is SCIENCE FRAUD. Thousands of lives have been devastated by this being in US public health and workers comp policy. ONE JUDGE acknowledging the evidence that Bruce Kelman committed perjury to establish libel law required, yet false reason for my alleged malice and the entire charade collapses like the house of cards it is. At this juncture, I can show unclean hands from CA to DC of why the courts will not acknowledge the undeniable. Its Billions in fraud. One judge acknowledge the perjury and the fraud immediately ceases. Here is a 3 minute video in which Kelman and I are discussing his perjury to establish false light reason for malice, the damage to me (and thus the public) because of it, and Kelman trying to force me to endorse his bogus science – which is the same as trying to coerce me into endorsing hate crimes against the environmentally disabled while aiding to conceal the criminal actions of the CA courts that have aided the fraud to continue.

        3. Minute Video:

        So the greater questions become, “Why am I fighting this all by myself after seven years of abuse for refusing silence, or worse refusing to be forced into aiding hate crimes? Where are all of those who profess their lives’ work is to help protect the environmentally injured and the right to speak the truth in America? Don’t I deserve protections, too?” Protecting me, protects everyone. I am getting really tired and don’t know how much longer I can continue. If I stop, thousands of lives will be damaged for many years to come from the science fraud being allowed to flourish. Is this my responsibility to stop this all by myself? The reason I am where I am is because I dared to speak out for others. So why is no one speaking out for me or organizing a public outing of these corrupt judges aiding Kelman to defraud the public in hate crimes against the environmentally disabled – while destroying my and my husband’s lives in the process? There comes a point that people cannot blame the corrupt system for their problems if they are not willing to do something about it when the opportunity presents itself.

      • Sharon, with you and your husband losing everything WAS PART OF THE WHO PLAN, TO disenfranchise everyone by every means possible.Taking ALL their (OUR) hard earn dollars, reclaiming OUR money BY those who think they deserve it rather than those who really earned their money! One only needs to look at the our government’s own KPMG accounting firm and find out that every country has their own KPMG office, even Haiti where Clinton and Bush “aided”. Which is why the world is in global financial melt down. The Euros where fake for other countries other than Germany and we all know their history with stealing everything in WW!! Japan now being the latest KPMG ‘HIT”.job losing all of it’s money. This is the granddaddy of the Ponzi Scheme to steal the global monies for the ‘One WORLD Order”. If I had not read the way it was done in 2000, this would be so hard for even me to understand. The Internet vehicle becoming the real way, to steal all that belongs to us and now the Mittchurian candidate since 1977 with Ryan to steal what is left , our medicare and social security, the LAST big buckets of American’s money. It was quite the sophisticated sinister plan. Why? Well, maybe the military industrial complex with their political ilk/cohorts, could answer because who ever has the most money WINS!
        BIO products with mold and bacteria are the best weapons of mass destruction because you cannot see, feel, hear any of the mold or bacteria. Saddam Hussain used them on his own people and this country gave it to him in 1986. Russia WITH the U.S., WITH universities, and the military ,know ONLY too well because the U.S.military has employed companies like Monsanto into making these toxins for many decades. Our Viet Nam vets as well as Irag and Afghanistan War veterans suffer FROM poisons like. agent orange, depleted uranium and pesticides (eradication of sand flies)use made by unregulated bio mold and bacteria companies like Pam Marrone’s Agraquest here in CA, AND now bought and paid for by a GERMAN COMPANY called Bayer to the tune of about a half of billion dollars. Why would the republicans okay molds use to clean up toxic lands that schools, parks, hopes and business are built on, ALL OVER THE COUNTRY!. ASK John McCain why okay’ed the legislation to build on former toxic military land.
        The molds don’t work on radiation or chromium hexoclene that are also part of carbons, as a matter of fact, molds thrive on all of this crap including wall material like cellulose(from China). WHOA! Ask Stuart Lickter who owned Downey Studios, CA which is now closed but kaiser medical care complex is still on the toxic site and Kaiser is the military is why! Stuart tried to sue us with a SLAPP suit and lost because he would not answer the questions of HOW HE cleaned up that property. He bought into the Pam Marrone’s green glowing mold to fix it but perhaps thousands are now sick and many of them children who were “extras” in the movies produced there.
        First came the mentally ill, the disabled and the gays, now the rest of us as what happened in Poland by Germany’s all time mass murderer in WW11. It’s a form of hell to see and know these things and most of the decent people cannot fathom what some in our government are doing while cashing in AND THE JUDGES HAVE BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS. condoning the fact of allowing Kelman’s paperwork as THE WORD of true junk science, ALL, for profit. How much money does he make promoting the denial of mold causing illness as does CA. SB899 with acoem and the AMA AND universities? The AMA and universities are evil too! Who would beleive that other than they are privatized too with the military?
        SO? What’s the real reason to allow these mold and bio products on the market. Well, it is money for a few(judges too) that are insuring their existence here on earth while the rest of us suffer and die! IT’S ALL VERY INSIDIOUS, EVIL & VERY EFFECTIVE by judges who should be the champion for not only justice but restitution BUT ARE JUST LIKE THAT GERMAN MASS MURDERER!
        SHARON, WE WILL ALWAYS NEED WARRIORS SUCH AS YOURSELF. You were chosen for a reason, to help save humanity like those of us you know!
        God Bless you Sharon for helping all of us! Don’t give up, otherwise that’s when all of the parasites win!

      • “God Bless you Sharon for helping all of us! Don’t give up, otherwise that’s when all of the parasites win!” Hello? Hello? Is anyone out there? I’m being gang raped by the corrupt courts and as a result so are many women and children — as people stand by, watch it, tell me to stay strong and bless my soul. Is there is reason that no one steps up to stop this or voices a mass public outrage? I NEED HELP. IF I DON’T GET IT SOON THEN YOU ARE RIGHT, THE PARASITES ARE GOING TO WIN. Many lives will continue to be unnecessarily destroyed.

      • While I think that most would or could, but one they aren’t aware of the seriousness of your problems with the courts and two, they are being terrorized themselves in the many ways, the system has created to do the same as being done to you. I speak to a lot of people and everyone has a problem with any one part of the multi-snaked headed Medusa system, no matter the venue. It’ was built that way. I’m know I’m tired of it all, myself, and I’ve been doing this for almost 3 decades, trying to get the word out. All Americans are being terrorized in way or another and trying to literally survive as we do and most are fighting an uphill battle like the rest of us.

      • Right. But there are certain cases, that people have to know if they spoke out, it would help them. So the questionss would be, Why don’t people know of this case and the terrorizing of me directly and solely because I spoke out for them? What causes them not to know? And if they did know, would they REALLy try to do anything about it? I know what it cost you to speak out 30 years ago, so why would people let this happen again as THEY continue to get screwed from it?

      • Good question. SOME ARE JUST GREEDY with the lust of fame and fortune and only care about themselves and the rest are overwhelmed and some are just brainwashed with apathy!
        When we listen to programs like the ‘kardashians’, there are those who think that the wealth and notoriety are living vicariously through other’s fame and fortune, not thinking (no reality check with the multitude of drivel programs and there’s no lakc of them) they won’t see a damn dime or any notoriety in their life times, that all this is empty headed drivel to keep them from living as thinking humans who should care about one another instead of just themselves.. The general public has been brought up to think utter nonsense rather than community. Crtiical thinking has not been taught in our schools for a long time and the reason is to keep people in the dark like mushrooms, to grow only to support people’s b.s. science like Kelman.

      • Good answer. Howver, its one thing for people to feign its too complicated regarding how the fraud became and remains in policy. Its another to see the direct evidence that Kelman committed perjury in a libel ligitation in furtherance of hate crimes against US environmentally disabled citizes, and all courts suppressed the evidence aiding the fraud to continue – and still they stand by silently as the hate crimes continue against THEM. Its just not that hard to understand what’s going on here.

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