UPDATE: Kelman & GlobalTox v. Kramer ~ Motion To Vacate Void Judgment

Updated on October 4, 2012:

Kramer’s Motion of September 20, 2012 to Vacate the Void Judgment (w/working links to numerous court filings, transcripts, etc)

Kelman’s Opposition of September 28, 2012

Kramers Reply of October 3, 2012 (copy of Reply w/working links)

               On September 28, 2012, SCHEUER filed and mailed by standard mail, PLAINTIFF’S “OPPOSITION TO DEFENDANT’S MOTION TO VACATE [VOID] JUDGMENT; DECLARATION OF KEITH SCHEUER”.  Kramer received the filing on the afternoon of October 1, 2012. The gist or sting of the SCHEUER OPPOSITION and circular argument submitted under penalty of perjury, is:

“If prior courts chose to suppress the defendant’s evidence of the plaintiffs’ and their counsel’s crimes in the litigations they are overseeing, then when this Court has jurisdiction over the case, this Court is legally bound to suppress the evidence of the crimes that have been aided to continue by suppression of evidence of prior courts. Sharon “KRAMER”s direct and undisputed evidence of the crimes and their continued adverse impact on her, her family, the taxpayer, the environmentally disabled and the chilling of speech for the public good, are irrelevant for this Court’s consideration when determining what lawful ruling to make.  If I and my clients commit crimes and the courts suppress the evidence as their clerks falsify court records to conceal the courts have suppressed evidence of our crimes; then our criminal actions are no longer crimes because prior courts said they are not and this court should rule accordingly.  Therefore, this Court must not vacate the known fraudulent “VOID JUDGMENT” of September 24, 2008 because we need it to help continue to commit additional crimes against the public, taxpayer and Kramer; and we need it to conceal that the courts have aided us with the crimes for now over seven years by relentlessly harassment, including cyber stalking, and character assassination of KRAMER.   

Additionally, this Court should be super duper impressed and swayed by me because I can file pretty briefs with zero, nada, zilch evidence to refute Kramer’s evidence that I, my clients, the courts and their clerks have committed crimes, suppressed evidence and falsified court document; but I do have superior skills at using flame throwing terms to inflame ignorant courts such as, “obsessive, willful disregard, unemployed real estate agent, libelous statement, disobeyed, Kramer refuses to recognize the court’s authority”. I have honed these skills by litigating by these means in California for now over thirty years. See Roston v. Edwards 127 Cal.App.3d 842 (1982) W. Patrick O’Keefe, Jr., Costello & Watchler, Edward J. Costello, Jr., and Keith Schemer for Defendants and Respondents.  Please do not do anything that would stop me from continuing to use them.  There are many unethical litigants out there who rely on my ability to be able to continue to use these techniques in courts of law. 

If this Court could please just ignore its Canon of Judicial Ethics 3(D)(2) which states “Whenever a judge has personal knowledge that a lawyer has violated any provision of the Rules of Professional Conduct, the judge shall take appropriate corrective action.”, and ignore that I am bound by license provided to me by the State of California to cease litigating when I know I have been benefiting from court improvidently entered orders, (See Datig v. Dove Books, 73 Cal.App.4th, 964, (1999)); it would be sincerely appreciated by me and many other criminals involved in this case and the secondary case founded upon this one, in the furtherance of financially motivated hate crimes against the environmentally disabled, dying and KRAMER, while we defraud the taxpayer with insurer fraud.

If this Court could please just ignore that every court has autonomous control over its case files (See In the Marriage of Nichols, 186 Cal.App.4th 1566 (2010) 1573. “We reject Nicholas’s efforts to transform one of the initial trial judge’s prior sealing orders into a juridical black hole from which no light can ever escape… Erecting a jurisdictional barrier would effectively prevent the court from exercising custody and control over its own files”.); and ignore that this Court has taken a sworn oath to protect the public, the Constitution and litigants that come before this Court while aiding us in our collusion to defraud; then the sick, dying, taxpayers, KRAMER and those whose speech has been chilled for fear of retribution may not like it — but us crooks surely would appreciate it. Our asses, those of many of your judicial peers and their clerks, and politicians & government agencies from California to DC are on the line if you do not help us to conceal that the VOID JUDGMENT of September 24, 2008 is known to us to be is void and fraudulent.

Please do not forget, that these are your peers that you must face everyday.  If you take me down, you take them down. You would also take down the CA Chief Justice, numerous members of the Judicial Council, the Commission on Judicial Performance, the State Bar and the Administrative Offices of the Courts for conspiracy to defraud the public and deliberate indifference of hate crimes via the weapon of mass destruction for the Constitution of the United States that the compromised legal system of California has become. So please, please, please ignore KRAMER’s undeniable and direct evidence that the Judgment on record of this case is void to be used for any purpose.”   

Original post of Sept 20, 2012:

Sharon Noonan Kramer, Pro Per

2031 Arborwood Place

Escondido, CA 92029

(760) 746-8026

Report Insurance fraud to WHOM? The DEFRAUDERS?



 BRUCE J. KELMAN & GLOBALTOX, INC., (w/Bryan D. HARDIN, US Assistant Surgeon General & Deputy Director of CDC NIOSH retired, being known to the court since 2006 as an undisclosed principal of GLOBALTX on the Appellate Certificates of Interested Persons and thus undisclosed party to the litigation)                  Plaintiffs,                 v.SHARON KRAMER                  Defendant.
CASE NO. GIN044539NOTICE OF MOTION; MOTION TO VACATE VOID JUDGMENT of September 24, 2008 last amended October 28, 2011; Memorandum of Point and Authorities In Support Of Defendant’s Motion; & Declaration of Defendant Sharon Kramer[Assigned for All Purposes To Hon. EARL H. MAAS III, Department 28]Filed May 2005Motion Hearing Date: October 12, 2012 1:30 PM


…..Bottom line is that officers of courts framed a defendant for libel to make an accurate writing over a matter impacting public health appear to make a false and libelous statement that the writing did not make as they suppressed the evidence that the plaintiff committed perjury to establish libel law needed reason for malice.  For seven years they have falsified many court documents and suppressed massive amounts of unimpeached evidence to force the false finding of libel with actual malice and to conceal the truth of court aided fraud; including in a second case in which they have attempted to gag the defendant from writing of what the courts have done and continue to do that is adverse to the public’s best interest; as they retaliate against the defendant by unlawful and criminal means for her refusal of silence.

…..The Science Fraud: Mold toxins, or mycotoxins, are secondary metabolites of mold and are naturally occurring chemicals. When present in water damaged buildings “WDB” there are co-contaminants and multiple routes of exposure.  It is not even close to legitimate exposure science to make such a fraudulent claim that extrapolations applied to a mechanistic research model can be used by themselves as proof of no injury or death of individuals from an exposure in actual field conditions.  As stated by the National Academy of Sciences, Third Edition, References On Scientific Evidence:

 Models are idealized mathematical expressions of the relationship between two or more variables. They are usually derived from basic physical and chemical principles that are well established under idealized circumstances, but may not be validated under actual field conditions. Models thus cannot generate completely accurate predictions of chemical concentrations in the environment.

 …..As merely one example of the relentless harassment of KRAMER, in January of 2012 KRAMER was found in contempt of court by DEPT 30 for placing the letters she sent to the Judicial Council in September of 2011 outlining the fraud in K & G v. K and exactly how she was framed for libel for the words, “altered his under oath statements” on the internet in the post titled “Is The California Court Case Management System (CCMS) Being Misused For Politics In Policy & Litigation…..And The Fleecing Of The California Taxpayer Over The Mold Issue?[41]

DEPT 30 held Kramer in contempt [42] and attempted to falsely deem her a mentally incompetent criminal for these letters being on the internet.[43]  When she then posted on the internet the latest of what DEPT 30, KELMAN and SCHEUER were doing that was harassing her to defraud the public and why they were doing it; DEPT 30 found her in contempt again, July 2, 2012, for the evidence being on the net, sanctioned her and permanently enjoined her from ever writing of it again, coram non judice.  (The silencing of Kramer will not be happening any time soon)

One day after the July 2nd unlawful judgment, order and permanent injunction was signed in DEPT 30, on July 3, 2012 This Court sent a letter to the Judicial Council [44] also voicing concerns of abuse of tax dollars via CCMS and ramifications of loss of autonomy within the CA judicial branch.  But This Court and none of the other approximately 400 judges who also voiced concern similar to KRAMER’s were sent to jail; caused bodily harm; caused emotional distress; fined $30K; or deemed criminally malicious and mentally incompetent liars or ordered never to write of the matter again. (Sidebar: It would be a strong bet that the Judicial Council, AOC and CJP would liked to have done all of the above to these judges who are exposing waste and ineptitude of CA judicial branch and AOC)

…..These litigations have been strategic litigation against public participation since inception.  One month after the first trial court denied my anti-SLAPP motion in September of 2005 while suppressing the evidence that Kelman committed perjury to establish false light reason for my alleged malicious reason to expose massive fraud in public health policy and the courts; Governor Schwarzenegger endorsed the fraudulent science of Kelman and Hardin into California’s “workers comp reform”.  This “reform” has played a major role in the dire financial condition of the State of California by the rampant cost shifting onto state social service programs when workman comp insurers are able to game the system by the use of the bogus science to deny liability for causation of disability of injured workers.

…..This matter has cost my husband and me several millions of dollars in litigation costs, lost wages, forced sale of stock and 401K plans, etc.  It has taken us to the brink of poverty. I would like to make a living again as a reputable and trusted real estate agent in Rancho Santa Fe. However that is not possible with the defamation of me by the courts falsely deeming me to be a malicious liar and refusing to correct their errors, even while knowing how many lives, including mine, continue to be devastated from their collective unlawful actions.

I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct to the best of my knowledge under the laws of the State of California and executed by me this 20th day of September 2012.


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