About me, Sharon Noonan Kramer, and the corrupt courts of California, updated November 14, 2012

  • About me: I have a degree in marketing from Ole Miss and am an advocate for integrity in health marketing when setting public health policies. In 2005, I wrote of how a scientific fraudulent concept was mass marketed into US public health policy that it was scientifically proven moldy buildings do not harm. This was for the purpose to mislead courts to deny liability of moldy building stakeholders for causation of illness.
    The fraudsters sued me for libel for five words in the writing “altered his under oath statements”. The compromised officers of the CA courts aided the fraudsters to falsely deem me guilty of libel. In two appellate opinions they made the writing appear to have made a false accusation that it did not make, thereby aiding to cast doubt on all my words and aiding the fraud to continue to flourish and grow.
    They also suppressed the evidence that the fraudsters committed perjury to establish libel law required reason for malice and that a retired U.S. Assistant Surgeon General is an undisclosed party to the litigation on the Certificate of Interested Persons. He was also a paid for hire co-author the scientific fraud for the US Chamber of Commerce and a compromised US policy setting medical association, the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM), the subjects of my writing of how the scientific fraud became policy.
    In a second case, in which the falsified and void judgment from the first case is the sole foundational document, they have tried to gag me of what they have done and the continued adverse impact on the public because of it.  In March 2012 they put me in jail for refusing to sign a false confession of being guilty of libel w/actual malice, then falsified the Sheriff Dept record to conceal what they had done. 
    My signature on the false confession would have absolved the collusive misconduct of the fraudsters and officers of the courts that have aided $B in the defrauding of the public in a cost shifting scheme off of insurers and onto taxpayers for the burden of cost of environmental illness, death and disability.
    Since the foundational document to the second case is void, the San Diego Superior officers of the court have been harassing me, jailing me, sanctioning me and trying to intimidate me into silence with no subject matter juridiction.  No jurisdiction = no judicial immunity for putting me in jail, falsifying court documents, etc. This is billions in financially motivated hate crimes agaisnt the environmentally disabled with the compromised officers of the courts and their document falsifying clerks now desperate to conceal their role in aiding it.
    Needless to say, I have no intention of being silenced of the science fraud in policy and what the compromised leaders of the Ca judicial branch have done and continue to do to aid it; and to conceal their role in aiding it, while lives continue to be devastated daily.  This has been going on for seven and a half years and has taken my husband and I to the brink of poverty.
    C’est la vie! Game on! I’m not shutting up until Justices Judith McConnell and Justice Richard Huffman of the Fourth District Division One Appellate Court in San Diego, CA, et. al. are removed from the bench and put behind bars for their crimes against humanity, defrauding of the taxpayer of billions of dollars and treason against the United States Constitution they are sworn under oath to uphold.
    McConnell is the former Chairwoman of the CA Comm on Judicial Performance (CJP). Huffman, the former Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Judicial Council (JC) for 14 years. This is the most powerful position in the CA judicial branch. I have him for fraud on the court in an appellate opinion to conceal that the judgement is void and fraudulent; and that they have tried to use the void judgment as a valid legal document to shut me up of officers of the CA courts colluding to defraud the public on behalf of the affiliates of the US Chamber of Commerce.
    So far, I can show 14 San Diego judiciaries hands on involved, several clerks falsifying documents with the State Bar, CJP, JC, CA Chief Justice and local DA shielding them and aiding and abetting in the continuing harassment to try to silence and discredit me. Judge Thomas Nugent just lost his courtroom of 20 years in the North San Diego County Superior Court and they have brought a new man up to bat, Judge Robert Dahlquist, who can’t seem to grasp he has no legal jurisdiction to tell me to do anything while he is now also colluding to defraud. Again, no jurisdiction = no judicial immunity for conspiring to defraud the public in financially motivated hate crimes of the environmentally ill, disabled and dying – and their advocate, me!
    Many of the court documents may be found on the Facebook page Justice for Sharon Noonan Kramer is Justice for the US Environmentally Disabled and my blog ContemptOfCourtFor.ME. I will be posting more in a couple of days in lawful accordance with C.C.P. 1209(b) and my Constitutional right to expose fraud on the court by officers of the court. 
    We are also intending to start using our blog “Just Answer The Damn Question!” to show how corrupt this matter really is when they, and politicians from coast to coast can’t answer direct damn questions put to them in writing, of their roles in aiding the fraud to continue.  
    The above is just the CA courts’ involvement. I can show much more involvement in Washington DC,  in several federal and state agencies, and down both sides of the isle in both Congress and in the Senate aiding and benefiting from the scientific fraud remaining in policy directly because of the unlawful actions of the CA courts trying to silence me.
    It has been extremely difficult to get this matter to public light because of all the gossip and misinformation being spread over this matter. Its actually quite simple: I exposed fraud. Officers of the courts framed me for libel to make me look like a liar to aid the fraud to continue be able to make it look like a legitimate science debate between experts and to sell doubt of causation in courts all across the US. Now they want me silenced by hook or by crook so they can continue to aid this fraud and many more that are occurring in the corrupt courts of California.
     “In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

6 thoughts on “About me, Sharon Noonan Kramer, and the corrupt courts of California, updated November 14, 2012

    • David, you must have looked in the mirror when looking for a fucking nut because people like you contribute to the great harm and where did you get your degree, in a box of cracker jacks with your type of nut?!?

    • This message was posted by someone affiliated with the company NoNuts.Com They appear to be out of Canada and sell peanut butter with no nuts. They claim “NoNuts Golden Peabutter is completely GLUTEN, NUT & PEANUT FREE! It is also high in protein, an excellent and nutritious spread, and is ideal for school lunches.” We are inclined to think that not only does the product have no nuts – neither do their employees or possibly owner! What kind of idiot would put an obscene comment on a blog while using their company email address. What a fricking nut!

      • What noNuts need to look for is the moldy bio chemicals in their products, maybe that’s the reason for his comments. IT becomes clear you are what you eat!

  1. All it takes is for one ripple to start a tsunami. Sharon Kramer is that ripple that is turning into a tsunami towards the judiciary courts of CA. for its fraudulent partaking to”just” profit for themselves and others, while the rest of us suffer or die a nasty death. How long will it take for Sharon to receive justice for herself and all others she fights for, so diligently and courageously while others turn their heads of denial? It appears answering a question is even hard to do when there is so much to hide, like monumental fraud by the courts of CA.! It would not be the first time either!

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