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The theme of Katy’s Exposure Blog is “Exposing environmental health threats and those responsible”.  Sadly, among those largely responsible for unbridled environmental health threats who are not being held accountable, are courts of law all across America.

Corruption, ineptitude and abuses of power are rampant in the courts. This perverse situation is not just impacting those harmed by environmental exposures, it is harming every United States citizen and taxpayer. The problem is systemic.  It may be found in civil courts, family courts, criminal courts and every type of legal proceeding in America.

Meet Me in DC will be Standing Room Only - February 5-6, 2013PLEASE HELP US and affiliated organizations to stop this, by sending a message to Congress loud and clear on February 4th and 5th.  We want them to hold public hearings holding the compromised courts of America accountable for forsaking their oaths of office to uphold the law and federal & state Constitutions.

Please send one quick email…

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  1. Immunity is the obstacle! Bogan v. Scott-Harris 1998, ariculataed, If corrupt…the law will not tolerate a citizen redress…” Alden v. Maine said officials are not held to Article VI supreme law of the land by any liability. Then why did you redress your grievance, if they said “the law will not tolerate redress.” Oh you thought the First Amendment could escape editing by SCOTUS. The only valid soluiton that is sound logic is repealing the 11th amendment, and ending the perverted form of “sovereignty” that SCUTOS declared was their “divine right,” contrary to Blackstones “Kings Prerogative. http://www.the11thamendment.com

    • The courts have no immunity on this one because they falsified a judgment and remittitur – and then proceeded to take actions based on the void documents w/o subject matter jurisdiction. No jurisdiction, no immunity.

    • In my fight for due process denied by the CA Supreme Court and all lower courts starting in workman’s compensation, federal Judge Alex Kosinski used the 11th Amendment to deny me due process. I never asked for A MONETARY WARD from the state of CA. the 11th Amendment which gives the state of CA immunity from this type of award. Judges like Alex Kosinki deliberately abuse their powers by using cases that do not apply and also abuse the U.S. Constitution by using the 11th amendment to use in case law that has nothing to do with denial of due process. This IS how twisted these judges are. This is not the first time in any court when fighting for real justice as promised in the 14th amendment. These judges all think everyone is ignorant and counts on that ignorance of the constitution. These judges are are not only violators of our constitutions, denying us our basic rights, they are abusers for the states and employers/corporations acting as the plantation owner head slaves..

  2. Those that were sworn into government office, claim to be the elitist in academia, CEO’s owned by the military who helped bring this country down in fell swoop via the courts with victories all going to the wall st, bangsters belong in jail. If I had my way, they’d at least be in a dungeon (dressed in the last of your finest) with the rest of the rats and other vermin! I am honored to know I did my part. KPMG/Kaiser, your days are numbered!

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