California Supreme Court, PLEASE STOP Justice Judith McConnell from Conspiring to Defraud the Public Over “Toxic Mold” & STOP Her Harassment of a US Citizen to Hide What She Has Done to Defraud Them

Filed April 11, 2013

Filed April 11, 2013

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Inside Front Cover Insert: “Re: Kelman v. Kramer D062764 Fourth District Division One Appellate Court.  To Whom It May Concern; In the Predicate Case to this harassing case, the ante-dated judgment is the sole foundational document for this case. The judgment as submitted by Keith Scheuer, as foundation to this case states a Date of Entry of Judgment as 12/18/08. The Abstract of Judgment recorded by the same attorney, Keith Scheuer, who used the Abstract to record a Lien on my property, states a Date of Entry of Judgment of 09/24/08.  Both are fraudulent. It is not possible a judgment could have been entered on either one of those dates. Will someone please vacate these and stop the San Diego courts – from the top down- from harassing me to try to cover up what they have been doing to me w/o jurisdiction? This has cost me all I own. Thank you, Sharon Kramer. Attached are the Void Judgment and Void Abstract.”

Body of Petition with Working Links

Appendix Exhibits 1- 10 with descriptions & working links

By opening the above two links simultaneously, one can read the petition & the direct supporting evidence for statements made.


April 17th Stated Reason Why This Is An Emergency & Proof of Service

December 2008 ante-dated Void Judgment, from Kelman & GlobalTox v. Kramer, sole foundational document to this 2nd case. Concealed as void by judicial officers of the Fourth District Division One Appellate Court in September of 2010.

December 2010 Falsified Remittitur from Kelman & GlobalTox v. Kramer, concealing that a retired U.S.Assistant Surgeon General & Deputy Director of CDC NIOSH has been an improperly undisclosed party to these malicious litigations all along.

March 22, 2013 Petitioner’s MotionTo Disqualify Justice Judith McConnell Self-Known To Be Maliciously Presiding Coram Non Judice with working links

March 26, 2013 McConnell’s Denial to be disqualified with no stated reason given and while ignoring the evidence her court has no subject matter jurisdiction & dismissal of the appeal, and thus the case, with no jurisdiction to do so.

All of this unbridled wrath is for a United States citizen with a marketing degree, Petitioner, daring to expose in March of 2005 for the good of the public, how Plaintiffs’ scientific fraud was mass marketed into public health policies for the purpose of misleading U.S. courts to deny liability for causation of illness over the mold issue; and for exposing a professional toxic tort defense witness, Plaintiff Kelman, getting caught on a witness stand obfucating to avoid having to discuss the mass marketing and who was involved, in front of a jury. For a brief case overview, please visit our sister blog, Katy’s Exposure – Exposing environmental health threats and those responsible.


2 thoughts on “California Supreme Court, PLEASE STOP Justice Judith McConnell from Conspiring to Defraud the Public Over “Toxic Mold” & STOP Her Harassment of a US Citizen to Hide What She Has Done to Defraud Them

  1. Someone, somewhere in this judicial system needs to listen to Mrs. Kramer! I have followed this case and it has been an atrocity from the onset. If you would like an uninterested third party to help with the understanding of these issues, contact me. I would make myself available as Mrs. Kramer has, regarding matters that need not only to be revealed for public safety, but to also expose further wrong doings by the powers to be. THERE NEEDS TO BE A FULL UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT MS. KRAMER IS COMMUNICATING. LET JUSTICE PREVAIL PLEASE! It is long overdue regarding this very important matter.
    Thank you!

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