April 19, 2013 CA Supreme Court “retained for consideration (mandate/prohibition)” Sharon Kramer v. Judith McConnell CA4/1

13.04.20 CA Supreme Ct Accepted for Consideration

California Supreme Court Case No. S210102  Kramer v CA1/4(MCCONNELL)
Gist:  Justice Patricia Benke will not recall and rescind the court falsified 2010 Remittitur and vacate the ante-dated 2008 Void Judgment from the predicate case of Kelman & GlobalTox v. Kramer. CA Fourth District Division One Court of Appeal (Respondent) Administrative Presiding Justice Judith McConnell (Real Party In Interest) and lower court judiciaries are using the court falsified documents to feign their courts have subject matter jurisdiction in Kelman v. Kramer.  
It would appear that McConnell may be mandated by the California Supreme Court to prove Respondent’s jurisdiction, that the ante-dated document from the Predicate Case is a valid, legal judgment; and she is being prohibited from releasing jurisdiction back to the lower court until she proves Respondent has jurisdiction that would enable her to legally issue such a ruling.  (one cannot release jurisdiction to another court if they don’t have it in the first place.)

4 thoughts on “April 19, 2013 CA Supreme Court “retained for consideration (mandate/prohibition)” Sharon Kramer v. Judith McConnell CA4/1

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  2. IT is without any true reason or sanity that the judicial venue is only concerned with protecting corporations. But judges like politicians rely on corporate donations to stay in office. This of course and obvious that these judges are no longer impartial but commit conflicts of interest in meting out justice but also in persecuting innocent people like Sharon Kramer, who dare challenge them to expose the truth about what hurts the people and will continue to do so until someone actually has the moral turpitude to which the took an oath to protect all citizens and not that of an alley cat (a requirement of any public official including most of all judges and politicians who are supposed to be above the fray) to adjust their conscience for what is right and just. This happens to justify why they should sit on a bench in a black robe. But they are no different than like pedophiles in the church or those who intentionally commit malpractice in the medical community, all for money and public image which are both tainted to the highest degree. We learned early on to trust, our priests, our doctors, our federal and state agencies including our judicial system , the ultimate in law enforcement authority to mete out impartiality WITH justice for all. Unfortunately for the most part, having morals to do what is expected and to do WHAT IS the right thing, largely escapes in this country.

  3. So what happens when she can’t prove jurisdiction? And we already know she can’t unless she tries to falsify paperwork…. Perhaps this is the beginning of the end to this nightmare, hopefully and the beginning to actually stopping this corruption!

    • What SHOULD happen is that she ends up behind bars with alot of other people who have aided and abetted the scientific fraud to continue for years via these malicious litigations. What WILL happen, who knows?

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