More Money for California Courts Will Come With Conditions

May 8, 2013 The Recorder ~ More Money for Courts Will Come With Conditions “In a prepared statement, [California] Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye said she ‘absolutely’ agrees with the speaker’s call for more judicial accountability. ‘Accountability and judicial oversight have been my top priorities for the last three years, and that’s reflected in the reforms the Judicial Council and I have launched,’ Cantil-Sakauye said.”

April 19, 2013 PETITION to California Supreme Court To Mandate that Justice Judith McConnell prove jurisdiction and that a provably fraudulent 2010 Remittitur and an ante-dated 2008 Void Judgment are not falsified; or stop abusing the courts to harass a whistleblower of scientific fraud in public health policy over the mold issue, Sharon Kramer.  Denial by Cantil-Sayauke expected in the mail any day; while aiding the harassment, Stated Reason Why This Is An Emergency, and billions of dollars of defrauding the taxpayer to continue.

1. Petitioner needs Administrative Presiding Justice McConnell to be immediately stopped from issuing the Remittitur and from giving feigned jurisdiction back to the lower court. Petitioner fears for her physical safety should the lower court again regain feigned jurisdiction of the case.”

What are your thoughts?

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