Surviving Mold ~ Truth comes to light of what a disaster GIHN has been for me personally & the mold community as a whole

Surviving Mold (2010) *NEW*Finally!  The truth comes to light of what a disaster GIHN has been to this issue on many fronts. This includes how they have made it a thousand times harder on me to get the truthout of what the CA courts have done to me by criminal means in eight years worth of viscious Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation, aiding and abetting the scientific fraud of US DOJ contractors, Veritox, Inc., to remain in US policy and US courts — while harming thousands who have been injured by water damaged buildings in the past and will be in the future.

This is a complex issue where contention and forming opinions based on misinformation can and does easily occur.  Anyone can make a mistake and those should be forgiven when corrected.  But to make a mistake, be made aware of the continuing severe damage caused to many by the mistake and not move to correct, is inexcusable and has no place in the mold issue when the health and safety of thousands hang in the balance. 

The mold community is a loosely knit network of the injured, their advocates, physicians, IAQ pros, policy writers and attorneys.  We most certainly do not all agree on everything or approach the issue from the same direction. But we do depend on integrity among those we call our allies and friends. 

A bad apple casts doubt on the credibility of us all. We already have enough of that to contend with from the well connected Big Tobacco scientists who jumped into and have dominated the Mold Issue since the early 2000’s.  

I make no bones about it.   GIHN needs to be shut down for the good of us all!  Turning over control of the flow of information within that group to someone who can’t admit error is the biggest mistake I have made in my eleven years in this issue….and I’ve made a few big ones!

My sincerest of apologies to all of you who have spent years working hard to get true science into policy, medical practices and the courts.

Surviving Mold, July 3, 2013 ~ GIHN statements versions 1 and 2: Friend or foe of mold research and new advances in human health

Dr. Shoemaker writes:
“I joined the group at Sharon’s urging as did a lot of experts from medicine, toxicology, industrial hygiene and more. The group grew quickly, adding patients (I encouraged many to join) even though it was never incorporated or had much structure… Sharon Kramer was the first and as I recall, she was forced out.  She has documented her complaints on the katysexposure website, along with her concerns for the direction of the group and the impact on the mold community as a whole.  Not a pleasant story, but unfortunately, true. Her departure was soon followed by Kevin Carstens, owner of the 3000-member support group, Sickbuildings.  Soon after that, Carl Grimes left under bitter terms.  He was President of the 5000 member Indoor Air Quality Association at the time….Meanwhile, Sharon Kramer, however, started getting “push back” from the mold community as she continued her quixotic journey to find justice in her case in California.  GIHN was being used by others to undermine what Sharon has spent 11 years trying to achieve – remove the false concept from U.S. public health policies, U.S. courts and U.S. medical schools that it had been scientifically proven mold toxins in water damaged buildings could never reach a level to harm anyone.”

Read more at Surviving Mold by Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker GIHN statements versions 1 and 2: Friend or foe of mold research and new advances in human health

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