Mute Politicos~CA to DC~Over Corruption In Their Districts

Do you have letters in your possession that you have sent to State and Federal Assemblemen, Congressmen and Senators seeking help to stop egregious wrongs to you or to others and/or unethical and unlawful behaviornoccurring in their districts?

Do you have return letters thanking you for sharing your concerns (and asking you to make a contribution to their next campaign so they can stay in office to send you letters thanking you for sharing)?

Please send them to us.  We will post them here by state and by name.


One thought on “Mute Politicos~CA to DC~Over Corruption In Their Districts

  1. Thank you for using Mail System.

    Message sent to the following recipients:
    Representative Bilbray
    Senator Boxer
    Senator Feinstein
    Message text follows:

    Sharon Kramer
    2031 Arborwood Place
    Escondido, CA 92029-5316

    March 8, 2012

    [recipient address was inserted here]

    [recipient name was inserted here],

    Dear Senator Boxer,

    In 2005, I hand delivered a disc to your office in DC and met with Ms.
    Porier. The disc was title “The Lies Behind The Toxic Mold Issue”. I went
    on to cause a Federal GAO audit of the issue with the request being made
    by the Late Senator Kennedy. For my efforts to rid false science in US
    public health policy, your friend, Justice Judith McConnell, framed me for
    libel. It has cost me all I own to defend the truth of my words.

    I am scheduled to be incarcerated tomorrow for refusing to be silenced of
    her role in aiding the false science to continue in policy by trying to
    shoot the messenger adverse to her political interests. As you can
    imagine, I can get no help from the Comm on Judicial Performance for her
    judicial misconduct. Justice McConnell in the Chair of the Commission.

    Senator Feinstein, your daughter knows of what Justice McConnell has done.
    I sent her letter detailing it when she was on the Comm. This is a
    really sad statement of the politics that are currently playing out in the
    judicial branch of California. I am going to jail because Justice
    McConnell etal are compromised. I don’t make these statements lightly.
    Please read the direct evidence at the Internet link below.

    Anything you all could do to stop this, would be greatly appreicated.

    In the ongoing saga of Kelman v. Kramer, (aka the US Chamber of Commerce &
    Compromised CA Courts v. the US Constitution & Public Welfare) toxic tort
    expert defense witness, Mr. Bruce Kelman, would like integrity in health
    marketing advocate, Mrs. Sharon Kramer, to be incarcerated for refusing to
    be silenced of how he sued her for libel over the words, “altered his
    under oath statements” in the first public writing (her’s in 2005) of how
    it became a false concept in US public health policy that it was
    scientifically prove moldy buildings do not harm. This to benefit of the
    affiliates of the US Chamber, the insurance industry and other
    stakeholders of moldy buildings.

    All courts suppressed the evidence that Mr. Kelman committed perjury to
    establish false theme for Mrs. Kramer’s malice while the courts crafted
    opinions to make Mrs. Kramer ‘s writing appear to make a false accusation
    of Mr. Kelman that the writing did not make.

    Then they all deemed Mrs. Kramer to be the “malicious liar” in one more
    tale of how the interest of industry now trumps the Constitution in
    America. Since Mrs. Kramer has refused to be silenced of the judicial
    misconduct aiding to defraud the public, it would appear indefinate
    coercive incarceration is in Mrs. Kramer’s future until she agrees to be
    silenced. Sentencing date, March 9, 2012. READ MORE at:


    Mrs. Sharon Kramer

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