Clerk of Court Falsified Documents & Computer Entries

This page is still under construction.  On September 11, 2011, Mrs. Kramer sent a letter to Clerks of the Courts requesting they explain falsehoods in the case record  and computer entries of Kelman & GlobalTox v. Kramer.  To falsify or alter court records is a criminal offense, punishable by jail time.   See Government Code 6200.

These are the LETTERS sent to Clerk of the San Diego Appellate Court, Stephen Kelly,  & Clerk of the San Diego Superior Court, Michael Roddy.  These letters show the Clerks being made aware of the faslified court documents and computer entries. Both men sit on the Judicial Council of California.  (huge pdf, takes a few seconds to open)

They may also be found in the below post on Katy’s Exposure Blog.

Is The California Court Case Management System (CCMS) Being Misused For Politics In Policy & Litigation…..And The Fleecing Of The California Taxpayer Over The Mold Issue?

This is the primary post (see pdf pages 6-20 COMPLAINT for Contempt of Court & JUDGMENT) for which Mrs. Kramer is to be sentenced to jail, supposedly for repeating the words, “altered his under oath statements“.  Never mind that she provided the direct evidence in the same post that she was framed for libel for these words BY the courts, with many documents in the Case Record and IT system falsified by the clerks of the courts to fit the framing.

What she also received was an October 5, 2011 telephone call from Mr. Kelly, Clerk of the Fourth District Division One Appellate Court.  Although it was a polite conversation, it was also a thinly veiled threat that if she pursued legal action for the falsified documents, (Gov Code 6200 violations), Justice McConnell, who wrote the anti-SLAPP Appellate Opinion in 2006 and is the Presiding justice of the Appellate Court, would simply deem Mrs. Kramer to be a vexatious litigant. 

This means if she ever wanted to file another lawsuit, she would have to post a $25,000 bond.   What this does is cause Mrs. Kramer to be unable to appeal the Contempt of Court judgment.  It would go right to the first appellate justice, McConnell, who framed Mrs. Kramer for libel. Mrs. Kramer followed up the phone call from Mr. Kelly with an “As per our conversation” FAX

In the second case, Kelman v. Kramer, Judge Nugent is suppressing the evidence of the falsified court documents from the prior case.  He KNOWS that by precluding Mrs. Kramer from being able to republish the sole cause of action words of the prior case, “altered his under oath statements”, she also cannot write and evidence of the court clerks involvement in aiding to conceal the judicial misconduct that is aiding to defraud the public. He also knows of the Kelly conversation and that Mrs. Kramer does not have the ability to appeal it – because she would be appealling to the primary justice who she can evidence has unclean hands in the matter.

Besides hiding that the Appellate court falsified their opinion in 2010 to state that a judgment had been entered in Kramer’s favor as the prevailing party agaisnt Veritox, they also falsified computer entries to conceal that Bryan Hardin was an undisclosed party to the litigation all along.  Hardin, the sixth owner of VeriTox, is also a retired deputy director of CDC/NIOSH. 

Mrs. Kramer did prevail over Veritox in trial.  There was a ruling entered to this affect in April 2009, but judgment was never entered.  (more documents on that aspect later). So this is what the appellate court did:

1. In their unpublished Appellate OPINION of September 14, 2010, they falsely stated on page one that a judgment had been entered in Mrs. Kramer’s favor and she had been awarded  costs of $2,545.28.   Page one of the Appellate Opinion  falsely states, “The jury found that Kramer did not libel GlobalTox and judgment against GlobalTox was entered. The trial court awarded Kramer $2,545.28 in costs against GlobalTox”.

2. But the actual JUDGMENT only stated Mr. Kelman was the prevailing party and was the only party awarded costs.  (see page 3 of pdf)

3. So the way the courts addressed the descrepancy, was not to recall the remittitur and correct the Appellate Court misstatement of fact. Instead the court clerk – and whomever else makes decisions about court records – chose to FALSIFY the computer history of the case to make it match with the falsified judgment on record. On December 23, 2010, they falsified the computer history of the case to state that Kelman & GlobalTox (Veritox) prevailed in trial.

4.  Mrs. Kramer had to have the judgment document AMENDED by the lower court, one year later on October 28, 2011, to reflect she prevailed in trial and was awarded costs.

5. Even with the amendment, the judgment document is still FRAUDULENT, because Mr. Kelman was not awarded costs on December 18, 2008 as it falsely states and the amount awarded to him includes costs that were incurred by trial losing party, Veritox.  (Judge Mass would not void the judgment, even though it was inconsistent with the Abstract and Lien)

6. The California STATE BAR will take no action of Mr. Kelman’s attorney, Mr. Scheuer, for commingling his clients’ funds and recording a fraudulent lien on Mrs. Kramer’s property, based on a fraudulent Abstract of Judgment – that does not match the Judgment document on record – the sole foundation document for the entire second lawsuit.

And THAT is just the tip of the iceberg of the collusion to defraud the public by trying to silence, discredit, demean, financial punish and now planning incarceration of a whistle blower of fraud in policy and just how far down the rabbit hatch the California legal system has really gone.

There are many documents that need to be added to this page, including falsified computer entries in the second case and omitted entries of some of Mrs. Kramer’s filings.  But , enough for now.


What are your thoughts?

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