Veritox~Mr. Kelman~Mr. Hardin

Veritox, Inc., is an environmental risk assessment and risk management company located in Redmond, Washington.  Formerly known as GlobalTox, Inc., it is owned by six principals: Bruce Kelman, Bryan Hardin, Coreen Robbins, Loni Swenson, Robert Schreibe and Robert Clark. 

Bruce Kelman, Phd; Bryan Hardin, Phd; and Coreen Robbins, Phd; are prolific expert defense witnesses in toxic torts. According to Dr. David Michaels, head of OSHA, Veritox is widely known as “Product Defenders” not fit to have input in establishing US public health policy.

Mr. Kelman’s background is in Big Tobacco.  Mr. Hardin’s background is that he is a retired Deputy Director of CDC’s NIOSH. Ms. Robbins background is as an Industrial Hygienist, formerly affiliated with Dr. Ronald Gots, another well known and prolific toxic tort, expert defense witness.

For information of how they were able to get it mass marketed into US public health policy that, based on a modeling theory by Kelman & Hardin, it was scientifically proven moldy buildings do not harm, see the January 2007 Wall Street Journal article, “Court of Opinion, Amid Suits Over Mold Experts Wear Two Hats.”

This legitimizing of the mass marketing of a “litigation defense argument” by a workers comp medical trade association, ACOEM, and the US Chamber of Commerce, has been the mainstay of their expert witnessing enterprise. It aids them to stand in court and falsely state their toxicology model can be used to prove individuals’ environmental illness, “Could not be” caused by an exposure in a water damaged, indoor environment.

In 2003, Kelman and Hardin were paid by the Manhattan Institute think-tank to author a position statement for the US Chamber of Commerce, “A Scientific View of the Health Effects of Mold”.  They were given specific direction that the paper should be a lay translation of ACOEM’s mold position statement they authored in 2002, “Adverse Human Health Effects of Mold in the Indoor Environments”. They were directed that the Manhattan Institute and the US Chamber wanted something written to be shared with judges.  

Hardin and Kelman wrote, “Thus the notion that toxic mold is an insidious secret killer as so many media and trial lawyers would claim, is Junk Science unsupported by actual scientific study”.  The paper the two PhDs penned on behalf of the US Chamber to “educate” the courts, cites false physician authorship of a physician affiliated with UCLA, Dr. Andrew Saxon. This give the Chamber’s scientific view a false air of credibility by the association with a renowned university. 

Dr. Saxon, now retired from UCLA, is also a prolific expert defense witness in mold litigation. To our knowledge he has never requested that the US Chamber of Commerce remove his name as an author or the name of the University of California which is on the paper because of him, from the Chamber’s mold position statement.

It should be noted that whenever employees of the UC testify in court as expert witnesses, the Regents of the UC keep over half of the expert witness fees generated.  Generating substantial income from the promotion of false science, they too, have not requested the US Chamber of Commerce remove their name from “A Scientific View of the Health Effects of Mold” that is used to lend a false air of credibility to a defense argument in mold litigations.  This, even when informed and evidenced of how the University of California name is being misused in mold litigations to add false legitimacy to a litigation defense argument.

A blog posted on Katy’s Exposure in April of 2010, has most of the gorry details told through linked legal documents, billing records for the US Chamber’s mold statement, testimony of Andrew Saxon, MD, stating he did not author the US Chamber’s mold statement, WHO ALL KNOWS, etc. A writing not for the faint of heart, but often used by mold plaintiff attorneys as a source of information, it may be viewed at:

TRUTH OUT Sharon Kramer Letter To Andrew Saxon MOLD ISSUE


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