Demands of a Whistleblower 2/13

Read online with working links:

1. I want the University of California imprimatur publicly stated as removed from the US Chamber of Commerce’s 2003 “A Scientific View of the Health Effects of Mold”. It is a political and sectarian writing in violation of the California Constitution, Article IX. It cites false authorship and was not co-written by the stated author, Dr. Andrew Saxon of UCLA. It, and the false credibility of having the University of California implied endorsement, is used in US courts in support of scientific fraud on behalf of affiliates of the US Chamber, harmful to the public.

a.) May 15, 2010 Request to Regents to Remove UC name from US Chamber’s Mold Statement.

 b.) Dr. Andrew Saxon stating under oath in November of 2006 that he did not author this paper.

2. I want the Federal Interagency, Committee on Indoor Air Quality (CIAQ) to issue a public health advisory that the biocontaminants in water damaged buildings are plausibly causing chronic, systemic, inflammatory illnesses. This was the directive of the GAO Report of 2008 to inform the public of the potential for health hazards. We are wasting billions in tax dollars by trying to conceal these illnesses are occurring. People’s lives are being unnecessarily destroyed. The burden for the cost of their illnesses are falling onto the taxpayer.
Directive of GAO not adhered to by Federal Government

3. I am going to file yet another Complaint with the California Commission on Judicial Performance (CJP) against their former chair and still committee member, Justice Judith McConnell, along with several other CA judiciaries and their clerks. I am filing another complaint with the State Bar for the attorney, Keith Scheuer’s, role in defrauding the public by criminal means while trying to silence me. These two agencies which are to police ethics in the CA legal system – have willfully shielded the corruption in these cases by judiciaries with no subject matter jurisdiction and thus no immunity.

a.) January 2013 Demand to Appellate Court (with working links) to recall and rescind fraudulent remittitur & vacate void judgment.

b.) January 2013, Justice McConnell refusing to acknowledge the criminality of falsified court document, while falsely claiming these documents give her subject matter jurisdiction to hear an appeal.

c.) Case law: “Defense of lack of jurisdiction over the subject matter may be raised at any time, even on appeal.” Hill Top Developers v. Holiday Pines Services Corp, 478 So. 2d. 368 (Fla 2nd 1985) “Once challenged, jurisdiction cannot be ‘assumed’, it must be proved to exist.” Stuck v. Medical Examiners, 94 Ca2d 751.211 P2s 389 (Emphasis Added)

d.) The courts’ intent to deem me a vexatious litigant to conceal their collusive criminality. Filed in lower court, January 2013, with working links.

My complaints will be for the collusive misconduct, criminal in nature, to try to destroy a whistle blower of the fraud in policy and courts. I want Justices McConnell, Huffman, Aaron, Benke, McDonald and Irrion removed from the bench – long with several San Diego Superior Court judges. I want the appellate court clerk, Stephen Kelly, along with the clerk of the San Diego Superior Court, Michael Roddy, fired for falsifying material court documents and concealment of falsification of court documents. These are criminal violations punishable by up to four years in prison. Attorney Scheuer has also been committing criminal acts, aidied and abetted by the compromised courts.

4. I want Senator Feinstein’s office and Senator Boxer’s office to co-review the documents and evidence I am submitting to the CJP and State Bar. Upon completion of review, I want criminal charges filed in Federal court against McConnell for treason and conspiracy to defraud the United States public.

5. I want restitution for the eight years of damage to me because of the Deliberate Indifference of the State of California to protect me and thus the public, from the corrupt judicial system.

6. I want Judge Thomas P. Nugent, conspiring judiciaries and the Administrators of the Courts to be held accountable for jailing a United States citizen for refusing to commit perjury to defraud the public; and then libelously falsifying the Sheriff Dept/FBI record to conceal the true reason for incarceration while causing emotional distress, bodily harm and more terrorizing fear of incarceration for writing of the corruption. Request for medical attention, April 27, 2012

7. I want public hearings to be held in the appropriate House and Senate Committees in conjunction with Lawless America, to stop this systemic corruption that appears to be occurring in judicial branches all across the US. My story in video from Lawless America.

8. I want legislation written that protects the rights of US citizens from compromised courts and government agencies by giving them access to Grand Jury investigations.

9. I want my country back.

February 5, 2013 ___________________________
Sharon Noonan Kramer


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