ODE to TOXIC MOLD SUFFERERS, Fleeced by Extrinsic Fraud???

TOXIC MOLD!  I want to know if the U.S. Public is Being Fleeced by Extrinsic Fraud” (Link to a 16 word, MoveOn.Org Petition)

What is it all about?

I (one who is reading this page) am currently reading the “ODE TO TOXIC MOLD SUFFERERS” published by Sharon Noonan Kramer on October 15, 2013. It is about the fleecing of the U.S. public over illnesses caused by TOXIC MOLD by the use of scientific fraud, academic fraud, fraud upon the court, and falsification of material court documents in Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation (SLAPP) for exposing the extrinsic fraud.

Environmental Advocate, Sharon Kramer, knows how the CA courtsI would like for California Judicial Council Chairwoman Chief Justice Cantil-Sayauke and Director of the Administrative Offices of the Court Judge Jahr, to prove or disprove if Mrs. Sharon Noonan Kramer is telling the truth about extrinsic fraud being used to fleece the U.S. public over TOXIC MOLD.

ODE TO TOXIC MOLD SUFFERERS by Sharon Noonan Kramer  (some of the pdf links corroborating statements made, may be slow to open)

“To those harmed by the US Chamber Institute for Legal Reform’s (ILR) & the Manhattan Institute Center for Legal Policy’s (CLP) “A Scientific View of the Health Effects of Mold”; and by California Judicial Council (JC) members’ concealment of administrative court employee (AOC) falsified documents SLAPP to retaliate for exposing how and why it became a false concept in U.S. public health policy that mold toxins are proven not to harm; and by the Silence of All Those Who Know!   

If you’re poisoned by microbe toxins and no one will listen think of the largest lobbyist and coins which glisten. Know why elected officials will not give them a di$$in’, as the fleeced public continues to feel it. 

A retired Assistant Surgeon General took a think-tank’s bribe. His written words and true science do not jibe. They’re spewed in U.S. courts as false denial diatribe, and U.S. Senate HELPed to conceal it.                           

A Citizen (Mrs. Kramer) exposed how policy fraud came to be. She named those involved as she blogged of the fee. Cal courts framed her for libel so no one would see, and repeatedly refused to repeal it

They jailed her and hurt her and falsified docs. She was terrorized for example so no one else balks. Excuses abound of why no one talks, CAUSING environmental injuries til a Loud Voice squeals it. 

JC/AOC Heads seem political to the core. They shield court employee crimes hiding frauds of more. They may need to be shown the jailhouse door! and the Citizen knows how to reveal it:

USDOJ’s witness, Veritox, took Manhattan Institute’s  bribe. They forged UCLA doctor authorship as the US Chamber lied. Feds, Politicians, Regents, Cal Court leaders came along for the ride, and mass silence as defense can’t conceal it.

 Veritox’s extrapolations alone are not scientific proof. Expert witnessing that they are, causes cost-shifting by spoof. Falsifying court docs in Cal SLAPP puts culpability through the roof!! The admission of AOC’s frauds will seal it.

Uncontradicted evidence are considered as truths. Feigning they’re not are lies, court fraud and abuse. JC/AOC Heads’ refuting evidence would prove its not ruse. Since there is none, Mea Culpa to defrauded public must heal it!!!”  

As I understand it, on October 12, 2013, Chief Justice Cantil-Sayauke and AOC Director Jahr, were FED-EXed the ODE by Sharon Noonan Kramer, along with a request that they prove San Diego, CA court employees did not falsify material court documents in the matter of Bruce J. Kelman & GlobalTox, Inc. v. Sharon Kramer — which has caused the public fleecing to continue. (GlobalTox, Inc. is now Veritox, Inc.) – and if unable to disprove Mrs. Kramer’s allegations of extrinsic fraud, but continuing to obfuscate from their duty to stop the fleecing over TOXIC MOLD, federal litigation will ensue. 

Mrs. Kramer, alleges that material court documents were falsified; (a Void Judgment that was backdated twice by an AOC court employee making it Void to be used for any purpose; Abstract of Judgment which awards interest accruing costs from a date not possible and was used to record a fraudulent Lien; Certificate of Interested Persons and Remittiturs which conceal a retired U.S. Assistant Surgeon General has been an undisclosed party all along.  There are MANY more founded upon the 2008 Void Judgment). She alleges that Mr. Kelman, Veritox, their attorney, and courts officers continued to use the void legal documents/void judgment from the first case;  to try to harass her into silence, with no subject matter jurisdiction in a second case, — all for her for exposing, in 2005, a massive public fleecing, how policy fraud came to be, over TOXIC MOLD while naming names of those involved.  

The question that has been posed to the California Chief Justice and Administrator of the Courts in the NOTICE OF INTENT TO FILE FEDERAL SUIT, mailed on October 12, 2013, is “JC Chair Cantil-Sayauke & AOC Director Jahr, If Sharon Noonan Kramer is lying about the AOC employee material document falsifications; then why don’t you just provide the direct evidence they a valid, and prove her wrong? It may be read online at: Just Answer The Damn Question!   

If possible, I, like Mrs. Kramer, want them to produce the evidence to her, which would prove that AOC employees did not falsify court documents in SLAPP, with Judicial Council members concealing they are fraudulent and void to be used for any purpose, including to continue to harass Mrs. Kramer in their courts for exposing their role in extrinsic fraud and fleecing the public with scientific fraud by contractors of the U.S. Department of Justice, Veritox, Inc.  

And if not able to be produced, I, like Mrs. Kramer, want them to mitigate the massive damage caused by the California Judicial Branch aiding and abetting Mr. Kelman’s, Veritox’s and their attorney’, Mr. Scheuer’s, malicious SLAPP suits against Mrs. Kramer, that have been for the purpose of continuing the fleecing the U.S. public over illnesses caused by TOXIC MOLD.

If the refuting evidence to Mrs. Kramer’s allegations and evidence exist; California’s Chief Justice and Administrator of the Courts, need to produce it.  This is not a game. Illnesses caused by TOXIC MOLD is serious business; as is extrinsic fraud by federal contractors of the USDOJ, California leading court officers and employees of the Administration of the Courts while fleecing the U.S. public by aiding and abetting the continued proliferation of scientific fraud.

Continued litigation usage and concealment of known AOC employee falsified documents are felonies. California Penal Code 134 states, “Every person guilty of preparing any false or ante-dated book, paper, record, instrument in writing, or other matter or thing, with intent to produce it, or allow it to be produced for any fraudulent or deceitful purpose, as genuine or true, upon any trial, proceeding, or inquiry whatever, authorized by law, is guilty of felony.”

Direct evidence of extrinsic fraud cannot be erased by stalling and obfuscations. No one can unknow what they know. Far too many lives remain at stake for one to remain silent and Willfully Blind, should Mrs. Kramer’s allegations prove true when the CA Chief Justice and Court Administrator are unable to provide refuting evidence to disprove the allegations.

As such, California Judicial Council (JC) Chief Justice Cantil-Sayauke and Director of the Administrative Offices of the Courts Judge Jahr, “TOXIC MOLD!  I want to know if the U.S. Public is Being Fleeced by Extrinsic Fraud” (Link to a MoveOn.Org Petition)

Greater description of why this Petition is necessary:

If the evidence exists that fleecing the U.S. public over TOXIC MOLD is not occurring then the leaders of the California courts need to produce the evidence to prove it.

This petition is very important to every U.S. citizen. Mrs. Sharon Noonan Kramer has been a leading advocate for those seriously injured by exposure to molds and other contaminants that are often found in water damaged buildings. In 2006, the late U.S. Senator Edward Kennedy ordered a Federal Government Accountability Office (GAO) audit of the health effects of mold at her urging.

In 2007, investigation of who has conflicts of interest when setting standards over the issue, was deleted by Senate HELP from the scope of the GAO audit . Specifically deleted from the audit scope:

“What medical and scientific standards are used in determining the admissibility of evidence of both acute and persistent health consequences resulting from exposure to mold?  Which individuals and organizations have promulgated these standards and what, if any, conflicts of interest exist regarding these standards?”

Mrs. Kramer contends that the deletion of investigating for conflicts of interest from federal audit, in conjunction with falsified court documents in a California SLAPP suit (Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation) against her, have aided and abetted the continued fleecing of the public over TOXIC MOLD. 

According to Mrs. Kramer, the public is being fleeced by the use of scientific fraud in U.S. public health policies that was penned by the federal contractors, Veritox, Inc. They are expert defense witnesses for the U.S. Department of Justice in mold cases. 

She says, “Like many families across the U.S., the scientific fraud has been used to deny liability for causing illness in our troops’ families when they live in moldy military housing. Disturbingly, when military families are involved, it is the federal government and their contracted housing managers, who are relying upon the scientific fraud to deny their responsibility.”

According to Mrs. Kramer, when people are disabled by TOXIC MOLD, the scientific fraud is used to claim their illnesses “Could not be” caused by TOXIC MOLD. This is for aiding those responsible, to shift their costs of taking care of the disabled off of themselves and onto Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). 

Mrs. Kramer states that “The taxpayer gets stuck with the tab for the causation and care of the environmentally disabled by the use of scientific fraud in U.S. public health policy and U.S. courts. The term for it is ‘cost shifting”. 

In 2005, Mrs. Kramer published an Internet writing of how the scientific fraud became policy as she named those involved in mass marketing it. Federal contractors, Veritox, and the company’s president, Bruce Kelman, sued Mrs. Kramer for libel for five words in the writing, “altered his under oath statements”.

It would appear that the California courts aided Veritox and Mr. Kelman to frame Mrs. Kramer for libel for those five words to cast doubt on all her words, which exposed the mass marketing of scientific fraud; and while aiding and abetting it to continue.

In a second case, Mr. Kelman, his attorney and officers of the California courts, tried to stop Sharon from writing of what occurred in the first case, which aided Veritox’s scientific fraud to continue in policies and courts to the detriment of the public.

In 2012, a San Diego judge – whose court had no subject matter jurisdiction because of the falsified court documents in the first case being used as the foundation to the second – ordered that Mrs. Kramer be jailed for refusing to be coerced to sign a false confession of being guilty of libel for a sentence not even in her 2005 writing.

Her coerced, perjured, signature would have concealed the massive fleecing of the public over TOXIC MOLD by aid of employees of the California Judicial Branch. Veritox’s harassment of Mrs. Kramer, with the aid of the California courts has been ongoing for over eight years. Numerous court officers and administrative employees of the courts appear to be involved. 

For the leaders of the California courts to prove Mrs. Kramer wrong about the California Judicial Branch’s role in fleecing the public over TOXIC MOLD; they only need to produce direct evidence that material court documents were not falsified by court employees.  They will not do it, apparently because they cannot do it. 

Yet, they suppress the evidence that they cannot – while knowing that they are aiding the fleecing of the U.S. public over the TOXIC MOLD to continue by their usage, and concealment of their usage, of falsified court documents in SLAPP.  

It has cost Mrs. Kramer and her husband all they own for her refusal of silence of how extrinsic fraud is fleecing the public over TOXIC MOLD; while many are losing all they own, some are becoming permanently disabled, and the leaders of the California courts obfuscate from answering direct questions put to them.   

For the sake of future public safety and future protection of the right to speak the truth in America; leaders of the California courts need to be made to prove or disprove that they have not concealed the falsification of material court documents; and if they cannot disprove it, mitigate the damage for aiding to fleece the public over TOXIC MOLD.

YOUR HELP IS NEEDED!! Only the insistence of many Loud Voices will force the California court leaders to admit there is no refuting evidence to disprove Mrs. Kramer’s allegations of extrinsic fraud fleecing the public over TOXIC MOLD, aided to continue by officers of the California courts; and if they can prove otherwise, they need to do so.

Therefore, I want to know if Mrs. Kramer is telling the truth. California Judicial Council  Chief Justice Cantil-Sayauke and Director of the Administrative Offices of the Courts Judge Jahr, “TOXIC MOLD!  I want to know if the U.S. Public is Being Fleeced by Extrinsic Fraud” (Link to a MoveOn.Org Petition)


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