Who the people are who have been noticed of this court filing and why have they been noticed:

Edmund G. Brown, Gov of CA.  I sought his help in November of 2011 to stop the court harassment for exposing fraud.  He sent me to the State Bar where Jill Sperber professed they investigated and there was nothing to it – while simultaneously claiming they lost the file of my complaint.  The man who supposedly investigated, Wonder Li-ang, sent me a letter on Decemeber 6, 2011 stating there was nothing to the undeniable fact that Kelman committed perjury and Scheuer suborned it to establish reason for malice – then retired the very next day.  Nancy Brown of the LA office of the bar was actually starting to investigate the criminal perjury and suborning of perjury in the spring of 2011.  When she asked Keith Scheuer questions he could not answer, the file was transferred to San Francisco where Sperber took control. In December of 2011, I submitted a second complaint for Scheuer commingling his clients’ costs.  Sperber buried the complaint. She also refused to investigate Kelman’s attorney, Keith Scheuer, commingling his clients costs, leaving me with a lien on my property for costs incurred by a party I prevailed over in trial – VeriTox, Inc.; with one of the owners to whom I owe costs being an undisclosed party to the litigation, Bryan Hardin. of NIOSH.

Elaine Howle;  Comptroller General of the CA Bureau of Auditors Ms. Howle is who investigates corruption and incompetence in branches of government.  By now she should be an old hand at investigating the AOC and their role in destroying the CA courts.  I think this is the third request for investigation of them she will have received.  The first one was for mismanagement (politely stated) of construction funds.  The second was for spending $2B on a computer system that does not work.

Tani Cantil-Sayauke;  Ex-black jack dealer who has been dealing off the bottom of the deck in her role as Chairman of the Ca Judicial Council. Current Chief Justice of the State of California, appointed by ex Chief Justice Ron George and Governor Schwarzenegger in 2010. (when George suddenly retired with alot of fraud, waste, abuse and millions missing from the branch coffers starting to come to light).  In Sept 2011 I sent her a letter seeking help to stop the harassment by officers of the courts and ended up being found in contempt of court for placing the letter to her and other leaders of the branch on the internet.  This contempt charge was then used to try to coerce me into a false confession of being guilty of libel  and sign a paper crafted by Kelman’s attorney which contains the sentence “I do no believe Dr. Kelman committed perjury” to conceal how and why the courts framed me for libel as they suppressed the evidence Mr. Kelman committed perjury to establish false light reason for my alleged malice – and Mr. Scheuer repeatedly suborned it.   The letters sent to Cantil-Sayauke and several members of the judicial council/aoc/cjp for which I was found in contempt of court may be read at:  Is The California Court Case Management System (CCMS) Being Misused For Politics In Policy & Litigation…..And The Fleecing Of The California Taxpayer Over The Mold Issue? 

Lawrence Simi;  Current Chair of the CA Comm on Judicial Performance.  I have requested the CJP to intercede on numerous occassions.  They keep telling me it is not their job to investigate their prior chair, Justice Judith McConnell, for colluding to defrauding the public by what she has done to me over this matter. Last time I called, I was told there was no record of my original complaint of 2009. 

Stephen Jahr; Incoming CEO of the Administration of the Courts.  Prior CEO, Williarm Vickery, was one to whom I sent a letter in Sept 2011 showing his employees falsified court document.  What I received in reply was a threat from AOC employee, App Clerk Kelly, that McConnell would deem me “vexatious” if I filed a complaint for his falsifying the remittitur and the changing the CCMS concealing that Bryan Hardin has been an undisclosed party to these litigations for seven years.

John Miller;  Chair of the Executive Committee of the Judicial Council.  Another one to whom I sent a letter in Sept 2011 explaining the fraud aided to continue by court harassment of me – and was found in contempt for putting the letter on the Net; which was then used to try to coerce me into a false confession of libel; and when I refused, I was sent to jail. (see link above)

Jon Streeter;  President of the CA State Bar who appears to support the actions of the Judicial Council 100%.

Kamala Harris; Atty General of the State of CA.  I have sent her much information of the court corruption and have never heard a single word back.

Sherry Lancing;  Chair of the Board of Regents for the University of California.  They profit from this fraud when their employees cite to ACOEM & US Chamber as reason to deny liability for causation of illness.  The Regents keep over half of the expert witness fees generated. 

Mark Yudof; President of the University of CA. Was informed that the UC name is falsely listed on the U.S.Chamber paper.  Kelman & Hardin added the name of a UCLA physician as author.  Claimed he could do nothing about it, even when provided evidence the UC name was being used in false endorsement of Kelman’s testimony via the US Chamber paper – in a case in Arizona involving deceased infants.  May 10, 2010 Letter from concerned scientists, physicians and US citizens to Schwarzenegger,  Regents & Yudof showing how the UC name was being misused by the US Chamber to lend false credibility to Kelman’s expert witnessing opinion.

Judith McConnell;  Presiding Judge of the Fourth District Division One Appellate Court and author of the fraudulent anti-SLAPP opinion of November 2006.  She has been provided the evidence many times over of how many lives she has destroyed. She is another who I sent a letter in Sept 2011 pleading that she stop the court harassment.  Instead, I was found in contempt for the letter, ultimately sent to jail and threatened by her clerk, Kelly.  McConnell is the ex-Chair of the CA Comm on Judicial Performance.  (see first link above) 

Richard Huffman; co-author of the fraudulent 2010 Appellate opinion which was used to conceal McConnell’s judicial misconduct in 2006.  Another who I sent a letter in Sept 2011 pleading for help and was found in contempt of court and ultimately sent to jail.  Huffman is ex-Chair of the Executive Committee of the Judicial Council. (see first link above)

Stephen Kelly; Called me on the phone on Oct 5, 2011 and politely threatened me that McConnell would deem me a vexatious litigant should I pursue legal action for his falsification of court records, the remittitur and CCMS entries.  Another who I had sent a letter in Sept 2011 asking that he correct error and was found in contempt and ultimately sent to jail for refusing to sign a false confession which would aid to conceal criminal falsification of court records by Kelly. Kelly is a member of the Judicial Council.  (see first link above)

Michael Roddy;  CEO of San Diego Superior Court.  Another who I sent a letter in Sept 2011 seeking help to stop the harassment and correct court employee falsification of court records, including the judgment from the first case which is the sole foundation for the second case.  Was found in contempt for this letter being placed on the internet and ultimately sent to jail for refusing to be coerced into a false confession.  Mr. Roddy knows EXACTLY what is occurring with deputy clerks of the courts. Roddy is a member of the Judicial Council. (see first link above)

Robert Trentacosta; Presiding Judge of the San Diego Superior Court recently appointed by Cantil-Sayauke.  Judge Trentacosta has claimed it is not his place to intercede in stopping the harassment of me by the courts, by criminal means.

William Gore;  Sheriff of San Diego county.  While I was incarcerated for alleged civil contempt (for placing the letters to Cantil-Sayauke et.al. on the Net)  in March of 2012 a false misdemeanor was placed on my Sheriff Dept record.  I have never even been charged with a crime, let alone found guilty of one.  The SD Sheriff Dept claims they have no way to remove that false criminal record – even when Judge Nugent sent a notice that they should (and replace it with a false civil contempt to conceal I was incarcerated, March 9, 2012, for refusing to be coerced into signing a false confession of being guilty of defamation because the courts framed me).  This court tried to coerce me again on March 14, 2012.  He had be brought before him in handcuffs and chains and “strongly urged” I sign the proposed “RETRACTION OF SHARON KRAMER”, written by Kelman’s attorney, Keith Scheuer.

Bonnie Dumanis;  District Attorney of San Diego County.  She has all this information in detail.  I helped her office investigat aion a workers’ comp insurer fraud case in which Kelman’s & Hardin’s false science was central.  I am on the record reporting in detail of how the Appellate Court framing of me has aided the workers’ comp fraud to continue in San Diego county – her county.  Her office claimed it was not their place to intercede.  Dumanis, McConnell and Huffman are old friends who go way back.  Dumanis receives millions of dollars every year from the CA Fraud Assessment Commission to investigate insurance fraud in workers’ comp in San Diego county. I guess that does not apply when old friends are the biggest defrauders.  By law, it is within Dumanis’s jurisdiction to investigate aiding and abetting hate crimes in San Diego county by a judge with no jurdiction – the other judicuary he foolishly attempted to shield.

Mark Wyland; My CA Senator who I helped his aunt many years ago start an Historic District in Escondido in the face of 57 churches wanting to put a soup kitchen in the area, which would have killned any hope of preseving the historical value of central Escondido. .  I supported Mark when he was embroiled in a scandalous battle when he was on the Escondido School Board. MUM on my request that he intercede to stop the courts’ criminal harassment of me which is aiding to defraud the public he is elected to serve.  God rest his dear Aunt Marge’s soul.  She was a wonderful woman who never would have stood by and let such a thing happen.

Duncan Hunter;  US Congressman for my district.  Have not even bothered to contact him because of his close ties to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and local politicians of the same cloth – such as DA Dumanis.  Dumanis actually jailed a man, Joe Ryan,  who was running against Hunter for showing up at a candidate’s forum sponsored by the Chamber in El Cajon.  It took him several months to defend himself and was ultimately found innocent of all charges lodged against him; while the San Diego media would not publish a word about it – just like they have been over this matter.

Martin Block;  CA Assemblyman for my district.  They have at least responded to my pleas for help – while simultaneously stating they cannot intercede.

Charles Calderon;  Ca Assemblyman with superior knowledge of how corrupt and inept the Judicial Council and AOC are; and working to change it.  Have asked for help with this matter.  No response received.

Noreen Evans; CA Senator and Judicial Council member.  One of whom I sent a letter in Sept 2011 seeking help to stop court harassment and ended up being found in contempt of court for placing it on the internet – and ultimately sent to jail for refusing to sign a false confession of libel with actual malice. (see first link above)

Mike Feuer; CA Assemblyman and Judicial Council member.  One of whom I sent a letter in Sept 2011 seeking help to stop court harassment and ended up being found in contempt of court for placing it on the internet – and ultimately sent to jail for refusing to sign a false confession of libel with actual malice. (see first link above)

David Lampe;  Director of the Alliance of CA Judges “ACJ”.  Working to restore democracy… for judges. They are trying to wrestle CA control of the courts and money from the Judicial Council and AOC.  The concept promoted is that democracy will then trickle down to the public.   Let’s hope they are right.

Lisa Schall;  Goofy trial judge of 2008 and founding member of the ACJ.  My case was the last one she heard on December 12, 2008 before being moved to family court, where people there have started a blog “Why is Judge Lisa Schall still on the bench?”   On Dec 12, 2008, she stated that a witness who submitted an affidavit saying my writing was correct was the clear and convincing evidence that my writing was incorrect and I acted with malice.  At the time of the trial, I did not know she had an upcoming publish admonishment for drunk driving down the wrong way of a main throrough fare in Escondido.  It hit the news while she was overseeing post trial motions in my case.   Her clerk ante-dated the judgment document twice and never noticed me, a prevailing Pro Per, of a judgment being entered in violation of C.C.P.664.5(b). This is the document that is the sole foundation for the case Nugent is overseeing, Coram non judice and in violation of C.C.P. 664.  He keeps suppressing the evidence that he knows he has no subject matter jurisdiction because this document is known to be fraudulent and thus void to be used for any purpose. 

David Rubin; Chair of the California Judges Association and Judge in San Diego.  Recently appealed to the CJP along with the ACJ to  do something about that “independent state agency” being used as a tool to retaliate and keep judges in line for the compromised oligarchy currently in control of the judicial branch.

Barbara Boxer,  US California Senator.  In 2005, I spent three months making a disc for her of the “Lies Behind The Toxic Mold Issue”. I went to DC on my own dime to meet with her General Counsel, who took the disc and referred me to Senate HELP. Her staff tells me there is no record of it.

Dianne Feinstein; US CA Senator whose husband is a Regent and whose daughter recently stepped down from the Commission on Judicial Performance.  The daughter is currently presiding judge in San Francisco and has spoken out of the inepititude of the AOC/JC causing many courts to close from “mismanagement”. I wish these insiders would STOP using polite words and START using the true words: C-R-I-M-I-N-A-L  C-O-L-L-U-S-I-O-N  T-O  D-E-F-R-A-U-D

Tom Harkin;  Democratic Chair of the Senate HELP Committee, whose committee originally requested an audit for conflicts of interest while under Senator Kennedy’s control, then pulled back on investigating the conflicts. 

Mike Enzi;  Republican Chair of the Senate HELP Committee.  This is not a one party problem.  Its BOTH parties that have aided the  defrauding of the public in hate crimes against the environmentally disabled by allowing NIOSH to continue to misapply mechanistic research to the benefit of the affiliates of the US Chamber.  It is garbage science never vetted

Patty Murray; Democratic Senate member of HELP from Washington state – home of Veritox, Inc. She has been provided the information also. No reply received.

Al Frankin;  Democratic Senate member of HELP and former comedian – who might just be the only one sent this letter who acts on the fact that this situation involves alot of funny business by many.  He wasn’t around when all of this started and is one of the few who does not have unclean hands of at best deliberate indifference.

Kathleen Sebilius;  Secretary of Health and Human Services which oversees the CDC, including NIOSH.  The mold issue is not the only one where the misapplication of mechanistic research has been used by NIOSH to shield those responsible for the environmental injuries.  They are getting better, but unwilling to acknowleged  damaged done from past errors – which allows the damage to continue in the private sector.

Lisa Jackson;  Director of the EPA who has received numerous letters from many requesting that the science fraud in policy be stopped and the EPA issue a health warning of the potential for serious illness from water damaged building exposures.  The EPA EPA CIAQ Mold Workgroup recently DECLINED IN WRITING, to issue the public advisory. 

Hilda Solis;  Secretary of Labor who oversees OSHA. OSHA cited one of our blogs, Katy’s Exposure, for reference of a science publication.  In Oct 2011, when we updated the link to our blog that they had in their publication – to show how this matter of corruption in the Ca courts is having impact on the fraud continuing in policy, OSHA quietly changed the link to a World Health Organization link.  OSHA to DIRECT MEASURE to conceal how what is occuring in the San Diego courts is furthering hate crimes against environmentally disabled workers in moldy buildings.

Eric Holder; US Attorney General.  We have sent info to him numerous times of this matter and how the Department of Justice has used the false science of Kelman & Hardin to defeat claims of illness in military families.  Between 2004 and 2008 the US DOJ paid Veritox over $800K in expert witness fees.  The Navy’s private sector housing partner, Lincoln Military Housing, is still using the garbage science of Kelman & Hardin to claim proof of no causation of illness in sick military families. NO reply even received from Mr. Holder when I requested help to stop the corruption in the CA judicial branch aiding with hate crimes against me and the environmentally disabled and dying.

Gene Dodaro;  Comptroller of the Federal Government Accountability Office, whose department deleted from the 2006 audit investigating who has the conflicts of interest over this issue.  They know exactly what they have done.  Pat Dalton of the GAO on Washington Journal in March 2011.

Allan Fleeger;  President of the American Industrial Hygiene Association on whose Linked In chat board I have been ordered by the court to post a false confession of being guilty of libel for a sentence I never even wrote –  to conceal the courts, Kelman and his attorney framed me for libel over the writing of how it became a fraud in policy it was scientifically proven mold toxins in water damaged buildings do not harm.  AIHA has a code of ethics.  I am aware that Veritox owners, Coreen Robbins and Bryan Hardin, are currently members of AIHA.   It will be interesting to see how Mr. Fleeger addresses the fact that I have been ordered to commit perjury on his organization’s board to conceal some of his organization’s members have been defrauding the public with the aid of compromised courts; and want me to post known criminal perjury on the AIHA board to defraud other members. As posted on the AIHA Linked In board on August 29, 2012, I have asked what the AIHA intends to do about these severe ethics violations of some of their members.

Mike Rodd  FBI field officer in Carlsbad CA.  Mike has the evidence of the courts framing me for libel and that what they have been doing to me to conceal the massive fraud continuing in US courts because of it.  He tells me he understands how they did it; then proceeded to tell me at a later date that perhaps I need psychiatric counciling.  Guess I will have to make a post on FACEBOOK about domestic terrorists threatening to lock me up and do me more bodily harm if I don’t post a lie on the Net which would aid them to kill US citizens with biohazards;  before Mike and the FBI would take it seriously, perhaps consficate the courts’ files, and do something to stop the abusive incarceration, libeling, bodily harm, harasment and threatening me with more incarceration by officers of the courts; when I refuse to post a lie on the internet that would aid with intrastate and interstate hate crimes against the environmentally disabled and dying; while defrauding the taxpayer.

Bill Horn, my county supervisor.  As good fortune would have it, Mr. Horn was at FedEx Office when I was making these copies.  I was able to give him one and tell him a bit about McConnell getting caught practicing politics from the bench, with all courts following her lead.  Mr. Horn’s office is in the North County courthouse.  I sent him a follow up email and invited him to come on Friday, Aug 31st to Department 30 when the motion is being heard.

Gary Miller  Republican Congressman from CA who helped mass market this garbage science into policy for the purpose of misleading courts to deny liability for causation of illness.  Miller is a developer from CA.   His name is one I first wrote of being involved in the debacle in March 2005, for which the CA courts framed me for libel while they suppressed the evidence Kelman committed perjury. I had the good fortune of running into Congressman Miller in the halls of the Rayburn building in January 2007, where I had the pleasure of handing him a copy of the Wall Street Journal article, “Amid Suits Over Mold Experts Wear Two Hats“. This was after he told me, “We just about have the mold issue under control.”, not knowing who I was.  I can’t help but think that Mr. Miller and the “Congressional Mold Work Group” has a direct hand in what is currently playing out in Judge Nugent’s court.   There have been implications by Sc heuer that this is coming straight out of Washington DC.

Barack Obama, Commander in Chief of the United States of America.  Ultimately, the RESPONSIBILITY LAYS WITH HIM to stop the court harassment of me by criminal means that is for the purpose of furthering hate crimes against U.S. environmentally disabled and dying on behalf of the financial interest of the affiliates of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and with the aid of government agencies.  I am aware he has been provided the information many times by many people.  The only response I, personally, have ever received from is office is that Mr. Obama is too important to meet with me.

So much for change!


2 thoughts on “1.

  1. Our Legislative and Judicial branches appear to be owned by Corporations. Our only hope is to bring this to the general public any way we can, each of us in our own way.
    They can not afford to sue all of us.

  2. Freedom in the US is only an illusion. You are only as free as they (the special interests) let you be. Do something that the special interests don’t like and they will do anything (legal or illegal-it makes no difference to them) to shut you up, make up lies (eg paul ryan and fox media) and use the “legal” system to bankrupt and incarcerate you using “coercive jail time.”

    The US calls this violation of human rights in other countries, but in the US it is just covered up because special interests run the US.

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