Tell Us Of Retaliation For Telling Truth In US

We are really quite sick and tired of hearing of all the US citizens who tried to do the right thing and speak up when they saw an egregious wrong – only to be punished and held out as an example of what will happen to others should they dare to speak out.

We are completely disgusted will all the tales we hear of various judiciary who consistently take the side of the bullies – when they should not be taking sides at all. Their job is to uphold the Constitution and protect the public.

We find this to be a growing threat to the telling of truth in the United States of America. When citizens must fear speaking the truth and courts have forgotten they are suppose to rule on evidence of a case; a free society is losing its soul.

All comments are moderated on this blog. This is not a site to gossip or character assassinate by innuendo. But if you have something legitimate to say about a retaliation you have experienced for speaking the truth or a we would like to hear about it.

If you can support what you are saying with documentation, we will gladly share the information publicly for you. Fill in the Comment Section in the below links to send us a message.




2 thoughts on “Tell Us Of Retaliation For Telling Truth In US

  1. I wish there was a country we could go to where hipocracy doesn’t openly defy logic. I love the syllogism at the top of the page, All “S” are “P” but some “S” are more “P,” this is one of the few activists sites withe a major premise for arguing using forms of logic. Unfortunately, it is a language hidden from our democracy behind a tag they call philosophy. I wish this would have been explained to me early on. Perhaps I would have listened, but at least I’ve corrected a major flaw in my humanity by taking on the life long discipline of studying and applying logic to uncover fallacy. That is my thoughts! Thanks for the opportunity to convey them.

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