Were you harmed by unethical conduct in California’s legal system?  If this is not concerning the mold issue and is not a matter dealt with in Family Court, tell us about it in the comment section below.

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    • To add to my previous statement here on your forum, it’s critical to understand and point out that after you have become a victim of Judicial corruption and Malicious Prosecution, and you feel that your attempts to get retribution from local, state, or federal authorities keeps falling on deaf ears, you start to realize how corruption and evil can persevere. It seems that corruption knows very well how the Judicial system works. I was told that to appeal my case would be $ 30,000. HOW MUCH JUSTICE CAN YOU AFFORD?? My time to appeal has passed. But what difference does it make, I don’t have $30,000. My time however, to seek justice is timeless. I have found and unveiled another evil tactic by these corrupt people in my pursuit of justice and retribution. People are trying to silence me by “Gang-Stalking” me to silence me. Educate yourself to this evil scheme, by seeing term on computer. It is also called ” The Targeted Individual” and “The Hidden Evil”. It’s in paperback books and tells people’s experience of harassment, illegal phone taps to intimidate you, and psychological warfare aimed at you to torment you. People can be put next door to you, and they can call police making up fraudulent criminal reports about you to get you arrested, and be incarcerated. It’s all in an attempt to silence you, and get rid of you. I hope you are realizing, just how Evil it is, and can be, through my own experience. I have told hundreds of people of the corruption, that was done to me and my family. It’s not difficult to understand why there is so much corruption in our Judicial Legal System. Where are the authorities?? You can fight back. Tell your story! You can do it. A postage stamp will take you anywhere in America. Evil is right at your FINGER TIPS! I am Vince Sacca. Fresno, Ca. 93722. 1/5/13

    • The story about the Lopardo Inn of Court is about 1% accurate and about 99% fantasy. The primary function of the group is professional development through continuing education. As a long time attorney member of the Lopardo Inn, I am convinced that active cases are NEVER discussed with judges, and “deals” are NEVER negotiated or even considered. Why not? #1 – Most of the attorneys and judges are very good people and are therefore not tempted to engage in unethical behavior. #2 – Nearly all the attorneys and judges remember the notorious cases of the attorney and three judges sentenced to jail in San Diego several years ago for making improper deals. So, they are extra-cautious to avoid any talk or action that could even be perceived as an improper communication about a pending case. If there were any corruption, it certainly wouldn’t be conducted in group meetings. So, 1% of the story – that the Lopardo Inn exists – is correct. The other 99% is fiction.

      • Randolph,

        Its funny you should mention the following. Was just reading more about it as it pertains to McConnell, Huffman and George.

        Your comment, “Nearly all the attorneys and judges remember the notorious cases of the attorney and three judges sentenced to jail in San Diego several years ago for making improper deals. So, they are extra-cautious to avoid any talk or action that could even be perceived as an improper communication about a pending case.”

        What was occurring when McConnell was appointed to be a justice in San Diego, 2001: http://www.metnews.com/articles/mcco100401.htm

        “Carla DiMare of Rancho Santa Fe, who represents Chopra, was the only speaker to oppose McConnell at the hearing or to write a letter in opposition.

        DiMare called McConnell ‘a corrupt judge’ who was part of ‘a cabal of dishonest judges’—one that included three former members of her court who were sentenced to federal prison—and who was ‘controlled by Gray Cary,’ the firm that represented her opposition in one of the Chopra suits.

        DiMare claimed McConnell has been investigated by the FBI and was a target of the investigation which resulted in Judges G. Dennis Adams and James Malkus being convicted of fraud and racketeering, and Judge Bruce Greer resigning and entering a guilty plea.

        The judges were found to have accepted improper gifts from Patrick Frega, a prominent trial lawyer who was convicted along with Adams and Malkus.

        George accused DiMare of seeking to impose on McConnell a ‘guilt by association’ standard. The chief justice noted that he was on the high court and voted to remove Adams from office, and said McConnell—who was assistant presiding judge under Greer—had never been implicated in the scandal.”

  1. Dear Ms. Sharon Kramer,

    I have read some of the horrific encounters you have had with San Diego Superior Court, North County Division Judge Nugent’s courtroom to be precise.

    I briefly read about a petition circulation requesting a judicial investigation into Judge Nugent or so. I was recently contacted by a friend who knows I do some research into various subjects. This person who contacted me asked me to look into Judge Nugent military group and the members and donors of this group.

    I would like to share with you what I found withing a few minutes of my search and this may perhaps explain many of the complaints not just from self represented litigants but many attorneys and judges as well.

    What I have found may also explain why there are a lot of complaints within the San Diego Courts about attorney misconduct. The extensive conflict of intrests within attorneys and judges.

    I began my serch with attorney Roland Achtel who is a member of the “Marine Fund.” Now anyone familiar with this attorney is not Marine type of guy. Mr. Achtel spends a lot of time looking at his imagine in the mirror. Attorney Achtel is known for being very unethical, underhanded, sneaky and just downright self engorged and unprofessional.

    So, why would attorney Achtel be interested in some Marine venture?
    Well, yes my friend was right there is a military connection to the Vista Court House. My friend thought it was an ancient good old boys club and network. Not so it’s alive and doing very well!
    It is called the AMERICAN INNS OF COURT CHAPTER 303:
    This club started and advertised as, ” United States members of the Anglo-American exchange of lawyers.” Its presumed Mission of the American Inns of Court is to foster excellence in professionalism, ethics, civility, and legal skills. With the members calling themselves, “Anglo-American” the only visible thing we can see is the incarceration of millions of non Saxon Anglo- Americans in this country and California has the biggest prison system in the entire world.

    AMERICAN INNS OF COURT CHAPTER was started as a pilot program in the late 1970’s by the Anglo-American exchange lawyers. Chief Justice Warren E. Berger and Chief Judge of the Ninth Circuit J. Clifford Wallace were among those members. Senior United States District Court Judge A.. Sherman Christensen. Judge Christensen made their idea into a feasible concept. The first American Inn of Court was founded in 1980 in the Provo/Salt Lake City area of Utah, Mississippi, Hawaii, New York and Washington, D.C. This concept became a national structure The American Inns of Court Foundation was formally organized in 1985.
    While these AMERICAN INNS OF COURT CHAPTERS were said to be a club of lawyers and judges who would defend the rule of law and ensure justice for all, professionalism, ethics, civility and legal skills and high standards of excellence.
    CHAPTER 303 — VISTA, CALIFORNIA was founded in 1997. Chapter 303 is one of five American Inns of Court in San Diego County. Chapter 303 services ATTORNEYS and JUDGES that work or live in the northern part of the County.
    Juege Fiorenza V. Lopardo one of the founders of the AMERICAN INNS OF COURT CHAPTER 303. Now, since Lopardo was so involved and has now passed away the AMERICAN INNS OF COURT CHAPTER 303 has been renamed THE FIORENZA V. LOPARDO CHAPTER OF THE AMERICAN INNS OF COURT September 16, 2008.
    Lopardo was a war II veteran who served in the Marines, he served in Japan during the post war occupation and left the Marine Corps as a Major.

    Lopardo along with North County attorneys created the “Lopardo’s Academy.” He had classes for the attorneys at the courthouse in the evening, encouraged judges to tutor attorneys. You know what we refer to as a “social network” these days.

    Lopardo The Pro Tem Judge Program, [initiated 1973-1974] encouraged and enhance the dialogue between the bench and bar, an attribute recognized today by virtually every San Diego judge assigned to this area.]

    Better put by ATTORNEY EDWARD C. DOWD

    “Often he would agree to meet with me [Lopardo] at 7:00 or 7:30 a.m., at a local coffee shop,
    to discuss the practical and technical aspects of lawyering, case and client
    management, and the application of engaging the law with the legal system. Little did
    I know then that I was learning from the master. He was good-natured, patient and
    generous with his time.”

    Well, this may appear innocent but we call these private ex parte communications between judges and lawyers. Have you ever wondered how deals are made? Did you ever wonder how the judge exchanged information between him and opposing attorney without you being present?

    Did you ever get a deal where you know some motions were made but you were not present?

    The formation of this Chapter may have seemed like a good idea at the time but when people’s hearts are in the wrong place and by Fiorenza’s own statement the North County Division had too many bad lawyers. So I just wonder if these bad lawyers learned anything at school?

    Why would bad lawyers need additional assistance fighting against people that represent themselves? People who have no money to buy justice? If we believe we can walk into the court and we will have justice for free we are mistaken. Justice is for sale to the highest bitter and if you are a member of the AMERICAN INNS OF COURT CHAPTER 303 club.
    While the formation of the club may be on the border of constitutional the actions, conduct and product produced by these fellows is downright unconstitutional and violates the constitutional rights of 90% of the people that walk into these courts. Particularly the poor, color, pro per’s and women.

    These are the







    Alaska -1
    Arizona -5
    Arkansas- 3
    California – 37
    Colorado -7
    Connecticut -2
    Delaware -5
    District of Columbia -12
    Florida – 34
    Georgia – 6
    Guam- 1
    Hawaii – 2
    Idaho -6
    Illinois – 10
    Indiana -9
    Iowa – 4
    Kansas -3
    Kentucky -2
    Louisiana -18
    Massachusetts -5
    Minnesota -4
    Michigan -6
    North Carolina -4
    Ohio -7
    Oklahoma – 5
    Pennsylvania -25
    Rhode Island- 2
    Utah -2
    Washington -4

    • Sam,

      That’s VERY INTERESTING. I had heard they had a little club where they discuss cases. ExPres of this organization as you state it, Michael Orfield, was the first judge to deny my anti-SLAPP motion while he suppressed the evidence that Mr. Kelman committed perjury to establish needed reason for malice. That was 2005. He did it again in 2008 when denying my MSJ, then promptly retired right before trial. Orfield knew that Mr. Kelman had committed perjury and Mr. Scheuer had suborned it. They presented false declarations and briefs stating I had malice for Kelman because he was a great expert in my own mold lawsuit of long ago. Problem is, he never even gave the purported malice causing testimony when retained as an expert in my case and I got nearly a half of a million dollar settlement. Orfield had signed all three of the settlement agreements from the case in 2003.

      EVERY judiciary, the State Bar and the Comm on Judicial Performance have ignored the direct and uncontroverted evidence that plaintiff Kelman committed perjury to establish malice over a writing impacting public health and his attorney repeatedly suborned it. The State Bar claims to have lost the records – yet they ruled there was nothing to it (Dec 2011). The Comm on Judicial Performance claims my complaint to them of 2009 is not in the records. Nugent had the audacity to say it was “frivilous” that all courts suppressed the evidence of perjury and he threatened to sanction me. That was July 2011.

      Meanwhile, billions in fraud continues and lives continue to be unnecessarily devastated. I DEFINATELY WANT TO KNOW MORE OF THIS LITTLE CLUB and I am certain that so do many others. Shall we start a page for you to share what you know? Thank you so much for coming forward.

  2. I am horribly sick and disabled and in a wheelchair. I was in this condition at the time I had a Civil Toxic Tort Case filed against the City of Downey and the State of California. It was difficult at best to find an Attorney. He took all of my information, said he would represent me for no money, but upon winning the case he would get a percentage but we could discuss that later. He said his Daughter was an Attorney and was involved in a similar case regarding the same Contaminated Downey Property, that I had been poisoned by. He said it would not affect my case but said he had to disclose that incase it came up sometime along the way. To begin, I paid $25.00 to have a notice mailed to the State of California. I went home and sat in limbo thinking I would be notified when the trial began. He called months later on a Wednesday night and asked if I still wanted to persue the case and that I only had until Friday to decide. I said yes and he got mad and began yelling at me. He said think about it and he’d call back on Friday for my answer. My answer was Yes on Friday.
    The DOJ never responded to the notice. It was easy for them to just say they didn’t recieve it.The Law Firm that filed my case forgot the postage and the notice to file was then remailed and made it to the City on the day of deadline. By Law it had made it on time but the City denied it. He had to petition the Court to refile. It was granted and refiled. I knew nothing of this at the time. The Attorney suddenly told me he could not afford the case and would not be able to take the case.I later learned he told the Judge there was a breakdown in communications and begged out of the case behind my back.
    I ended up In Pro-per and in Court the Attorney for the DOJ (California) was on the telephone. After I stated my case that the Governor Gray Davis, had signed Documents that were Fraudulent, the Attorney said those Documents were a long time ago and she didn’t even have any access to them. The Judge then said without the information we don’t have a case and excused the DOJ. That was a lie! I had the information and was even available to the public through a FOIA request. The judge hit her hammer down, the DOJ Attorney hung up and I wasn’t even allowed to say anything more, it was done. Several weeks later (6 to 8), again in Court now with the City, they let the Court know that although the Complaint had been filed with the Court, they had not ever recieved it. I was then ordered by the Court to serve the Complaint. I notified the Court the Complaint was extremely inaccurate and aksed the Court if I could file a correct Complaint and was told NO, that I had to serve the Complaint ‘As Is’ to the City. Later I asked for a 1st Amended Complaint and it was granted. By this time the case was 1 year old. The Complaint was Demurred and I submitted an Opposition. I was told it was deficient and was asked if I had an Attorney to represent me yet. I replied that I had found an Attorney the day before and was willing to take my case. I asked for a 2nd Amended Complaint and The City said the case was going on 2 years and that they were going BROKE.The Judge said she would considder both sides and told the City Attorney to expect a fax with her decision later that day and that she would ‘Mail’ her decision to me. 2 days later I recieved notification from the City Attorney that my request had been denied and I recieved her ‘Mail’ the following day. I was not even given the oppertunity to ‘Apeal’
    I discovered ‘She had lived in Downey years before and a recent event had been that she had contributed funds to the Judge of the Downey Court Campeign for Re-election. That was the ONE and ONLY Judge she had ever contributed money to.

    I have since learned through different reliable sources just why there is such a huge effort to keep the details quiet regarding this Superfund Site known as DOE – DOD Air Force Industrial Plant #16 and aka NASA Boeing Industrial Plant and aka The Downey Complex, where Hundreds, if not Thousands, of innocent people have become sick for miles around in the past several decades with many now dead. Public Documents reveal the exposure hazards of Radium 226 in the water. Radium is a ‘Direct’ by-product of Uranium. The Half life of Uranium is 24,000 years. Half life of Radium 226 is 16,000 years. Pictures available to the Public showing Underground Tunnels housing multiple rows of what looks to be cooling pipes. Another Public Document reveal the exposures of Petroleum products of Specifically Identified Diesel Fuel #2 to Kaiser Employees. Other Public Documents reveal that for many years NASA Space Crafts took Deadly Fungus, Virus, and Bacterias up into space as part of their experiments and then were returned to the Complex, where the crafts were manufactured. The Shuttle refuge collected from the accidents were also returned to the Downey Industrial Military Complex, for post-flight inspections, where they too were built. It was suggested that Fungus was a contributing factor in the Shuttle accidents. Many Employees that worked for NASA at the Downey Complex complained of serious fungal sicknesses and fungal infections. It is thought by some, that the Shuttle Program ended due to the state of CONTAMINATION in SPACE. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PS-9NvJWxFk
    Before the Downey Complex was FRAUDULENTLY transferred to the City of Downey, NASA applied tons of Anti-Fungals in 2002, which was kept secret by Director of SUPERFUND, Phillip Armstrong of the EPA, as he withheld the many Documents on Contaminations, some of which were on extremely TOXIC Chemicals, Radioactive Materials, Biological Agents- Agent Orange additive Dioxin, Benzene and Glyphosate, to name a few. All withheld in order to allow Kaiser Permanente to build their HOSPITAL Medical Center on the most contaminated part of the 166+ acres of the property. Kaiser upper Management knew the Property is Contaminated and did not disclose this fact to their employees, who are now being bio-monitored by the State of California. The New Hospital was opened in 2009. Employees are sick and still today have no idea the Property is CONTAMINATED and will always be, according to reports as of 2006.
    The General Public has no idea their Health and Well Being are greatly impacted by this FUNGUS. Dr.’s all over the US are being retaliated against for treating the illnesses caused by FUNGUS.

    There are entities trying to convince the Public that Fungus Sickness caused by the Mutant Space Fungus (brought back to Earth) is a Hoax. IT IS NOT A HOAX !!!! Just ask NASA…. or better yet, just take a look at these NASA Public Documents :

    NASA SBIR 00-II Solicitation
    PROPOSAL SUMMARY PROPOSAL TITLE: A Portable Non-invasive Detection/Identification System for Biological Pathogens
    This proposal is to develop a portable fluorescence-based detection system
    for capture and identification of biological pathogens including fungi and
    bacteria. Peptide biosensors designed with phage display will be used to
    detect targeted organisms in a rapid, non-invasive manner. To accomplish
    this, we propose three tasks: 1.) Develop peptide-based, micro-array ligand
    systems for the detection of 5-15 pathogenic fungi/bacterial targets via
    phage display; 2. Establish optimal sampling/capture procedures for the
    spore-specific biosensor module (ligand-coated microchip); and 3. Design an
    automated spore detection and analysis system using computer-aided
    fluorescent microscopy. Pathogen-specific peptide ligands will be developed
    and cross linked to fluorescent tags and then covalently affixed to a micro
    slide/chip, which will be inserted into the detection system. Assessment of
    airborne fungal contaminants will involve a multi-parameter analysis of
    ligand-spore affinity, specificity and quantity using a ‘wind-tunnel’
    model. This detection system will identify the individual strain of
    airborne agents/spores with high sensitivity and reproducibility and will
    provide an important bio-sensing tool for monitoring human health in
    industrial and hospital environments as well as during space missions. This
    novel biosensor technology satisfies the NASA SBIR program “Commercial
    Microgravity Research-“Portable Biological Sensors”.
    As set forth in the attached Exhibit 1, the total market size for the
    proposed product is enormous with an estimated total market value of over
    $11M in year one assuming a market penetration in year one of only one-half
    of one percent. According to estimates from the 1999 Commercial Building
    Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS), there are over 4.7 million commercial
    buildings in the U.S., comprising 67.3 billion square feet of floor space.
    Over half of this space was built prior to 1964. Statistics for U.S.
    Government buildings versus non-Government buildings was not located
    although it is expected that the government would typically contract out
    spore detection efforts in all but very secured buildings.
    Genetic Identification of Significant Microorganism Directly from Air or Water
    NASA 1998 SBIR Phase I
    PROPOSAL NUMBER: 98-1 09.02-8188B
    PROJECT TITLE: Genetic Identification of Significant Microorganism Directly from Air or Water
    The need to monitor and rapidly identify the microorganisms inhabiting a
    spacecraft’s recycled water and atmosphere is of critical importance in assessing thresholds of unacceptable contamination levels. This assessment is significantly hindered by current microbiological methods requiring culture and isolation, or molecular methods requiring prior knowledge of the target organism. The significant innovation proposed here is a method to simultaneously and without bias amplify, separate, and identify of all the genetically different microbial species directly from a single complex sample of air or water. From a single analysis, denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (DGGE) can provide a comprehensive survey of all the bacteria, fungi or protozoa present and a breakdown by percentage of the relative abundance of each species. Modification of the DGGE procedure will allow quantitative determination of the total number of each organism within a sample. This technology is based on amplification of a 16S rDNA fragment from all phylogenetically related bacteria within a user defined group. The level of specificity can range from all species within a kingdom to one genetically unique species. The DGGE process has the potential to be incorporated onto a microchip for rapid, automated use aboard spacecraft or for wide industrial applications.
    Excellent commercial potential exists for the proposed technology to identify significant microorganisms and determine their relative abundance from indoor air or water samples. The first market targeted will be industrial hygienists. Laboratory services will be provided to the large industrial hygiene market servicing sick buildings in industry, food vendors and hospitals. After the Phase II effort, the contractor will team with a chip manufacturer to produce small, hand held devices for the rapid identification of specific airborne or aqueous microorganisms. Microbial characterizations of indoor air currently rely on culturing and isolating microorganisms. It has been well documented that less then 5% of environmental organisms can be successfully cultured; therefore, a
    molecular approach is needed. The contractor is currently serving the industrial hygiene market using technology developed in a previous NASA Phase II contract. However, the contractor needs the ability to more specifically identify the organisms present in the air or water sample. This proposed development has the advantage of being able to quickly and accurately characterize microorganisms from a single sample.

    The Downey Industrial Property was said to have been vacated by NASA and Boeing. According to Public Documents and Photos, this is not true. The EPA is still to this day insisting on providing the Cover-up for major Contamination Issues. The Kaiser Bellflower Hospital and the Downey Kaiser Facility are less than 1 mile from eachother and directly downgradient as the contaminated underground plumes flow. In 2007 Deadly Fungus was discovered in the supply/workroom/pot-luck celebration room/patient exam room-the room is located directly next to the restroom. The huge area of Fungus was found behind a supply cart. We were told not to use the exam room for Patient exams due to ‘Unhealthful Conditions’ but we were told we still had to use the room for our supplies. We carried the contamimantion into our Homes, into our Cars For 3 weeks the wall would drop off chunks of Fungus that would fall to the floor.That piece of the wall was cut out and replaced. Non of us knew Fungus could make a person sick. Many co-workers died during this time. 3 of my dogs died and my entire family was extremely sick.The Health Dept. confirmed the complaints made in 2008 regarding a Kaiser Hospital restroom contamination where the toilet overflowed at least 1 time per month for years. A co-worker did a tape lift of the wall and floor area where the Fungus had been. The sample was sent to an environmental lab. The results were the same exact type of deadly Fungus that was taken up into Space by the Apollo and was also returned to the Downey Industrial Complex. Kaiser Administration was notified as to the reason why so many co-workers had died during that period. The following week they replaced the Air Handling System in that area and installed a huge new system outside. I was told by the supervisor at the Health Dept. that there was 1 Hospital employee reported in 2006 with a Fungus related cause of death- Aspergiliosis. I was recently notified by a co-worker that a Dr. I worked with for 18 years has been diagnosed with Brain Cancer. And the worst unthinkable event, our Daughter called slurring her words and confused. She had already called 911. She went unconscious and died 24 hours later. Autopsy – Fungus found at her Brain Stem.

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