Over Mold Issue

It is no secret that it is extremely difficult for those injured by water damaged buildings to receive a fair shake in the courts of California.  We are aware that skillful plaintiff attorneys who practice in this field have been retaliated against with the aid of the courts.  Some attorneys, who are not so skillful, give up – but neglect to inform their clients they are not really working the cases.  As a result, it is difficult to find a skilled attorney who practices in this area in the State of California.

Have you got a mold horror story to tell of what the California legal system has done to you after being injured by contaminants found in water damaged buildings? 

All comments on this blog are moderated. This is not a blog for just venting about being done wrong by the man.  If you have corroborating evidence to substanciate there was unethical conduct involved in your matter by those licensed, elected and appointed to ethically and legally serve the public in California’s legal system, we will gladly post it here.


One thought on “Over Mold Issue

  1. I’ll try to keep it short & to the point:

    I was denied twice for disability and my case has been sitting in a CA. appeals court waiting a decision for the past 2+ years! It has been nearly impossible to find good doctors who are knowledgeable about the dangers of toxic mold exposure. Before getting exposed I had no idea just how corrupt our healthcare system, judicial system & government really are! Since being exposed I have come to realize that most doctors don’t know much about health at all and the ones that do get vilified and have their licenses’ taken away for helping to save people’s lives!

    I have no doubt in my mind that when my case came before two different disbility judges in the county of Los Angeles, those judges used the ACOEM position paper to make their ruling. I have no doubt that they were coached into how they were to proceed with people who present with a case and illness caused by toxic mold exposure

    I have been in a fight for my life and have run into every obsticle possible, from misdiagnoses, to denial of disability, to bad lawyers, bad doctors and a system that only cares about money and puts a price on people’s lives.

    My current lawyer as done as much as he has been allowed to do within this corrupt judicial system but in the meantime I am still deathly ill, unable to work, have lost all resources of income, health insurance and have been unable to collect disability and back child support money that could help me get tests and treatments that are desperatley needed to stay alive!

    I don’t understand how humans can mistreat one another and abuse their power to the point of not caring that they are killing people! My case is public record in Los Angeles county courts, feel free to look it up and see just why my lawyer called my case, “A travesty”! I would go into more detail but it would take a book so if you have specific questions about my story feel free to email me gsgrl2000@yahoo.com

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