Over Mold Issue

Its not secret that in the early 2000’s deceptive measures were taken to stave off liability for illness and injury caused by exposure to contaminants found in water damaged buildings.  The mantra of the day was that those claiming illness, injury and the inability to return to their homes or workplaces were only doing so because they were subjected to unethical trial lawyers, media hype and Junk Science. This mindset still lingers in many US courts and physician offices to this very day.

Have you been harmed by unethical behavior in the legal system over the “Mold Issue”?  Tell us about it.  

All comments on this blog are moderated.  This is not the place to vent or character assasinate anyone by innuendo.  If you have a legitimate complaint that is supported by corroborating evidence, tell us about it.  We will gladly post it here.


What are your thoughts?

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